Cults Moving into Neighbourhoods C.18.08.22

It is a worry, cults in family neighbourhoods. The Brethren are a scary bunch and not only because they live in ancient mode but because they brain wash their followers in thinking the world around should not be trusted…

Melbournite’s are experiencing the religious cult moving into their family street. The church is under construction and for the many residents it spells the roadway will be filled with worshippers and mounting obstruction, let alone unwelcomed noise.

I sympathise with their ordeal. I think I would feel the same if a church cult landed in my street. Most of you know my feelings about religion and having to deal with nonexistence god worshipping would be badly accepted.

Cults are a worry because they live in a world of imaginary mythology and one which I cannot get my head around. It makes me love my science and reason even more and this is not about discrimination it is about the rest of us who have to put up with this crap.

Cults invade other people’s space and in my mind it is them who are discriminating against those of us who realise this is a pack of nonsense.

Happy Celeritism


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