Chocolate Paradise C.18.08.16

I have decided that chocolate is a necessity. It is an integral part of life, well at least mine. Dark chocolate or the chocolate with a high cocoa content is actually good for you and this is something I am hanging onto.

I have found it good, no necessary to have a bit of chocolate, as a treat every day. I don’t wait for special occasions because every day is special for me.

Chocolate in moderation is good for you – now I just have to get the moderation bit working.

Happy Celeritism


Finances and Sex C.18.08.15

There are two strengths in this world and that is finances and sex. If you have the money you have domination and if you have sex appeal you have power.

Money will buy you control but sex appeal will undermine even the strongest. Sex appeal is not limited to the female population, indeed not, men can rule with sex as equally.

The rest of us, however, string along to normalcy. 

So, if you have the finances you are there and if you have sex appeal then you have nailed it.

Happy Celeritism


Reading a Sad Family Story C.18.08.14

It is a sad reality when a family member takes advantage of another family member… It happens.

I was reading this morning how a granddad was thrown out of his own home by his granddaughter. A home he built.

Somehow the granddaughter managed to transfer the deeds of the property out of her granddads name and was able to drain his savings account, including his pension.

How was this done? From what I have read his signature was forged.

The matter is now in the hands of the police.

How does greed get so great that it causes such a family horror? If we knew the answer to this then something could be done before it got out of hand.

We cannot blame the system or society but instead acknowledge there are some very devious people who live with excessive greed even when it comes to family.

It is difficult for the authorities to uncover such frauds in the making because they are done so well, so no one is to blame except the culprits.

When something like this happens, society needs to step in and punish the wrong doers and I hope for this man’s sake that is exactly what happens. And the worse of it, this man has advanced cancer and the granddaughter supposedly was his carer receiving an entitlement from the government.

Happy Celeritism


Discrimination is Not cool C.18.08.13

I don’t care which way you want to phrase it. Being discriminative is not on. We live in a world where there are differences, be it colour, nationality, gender or simply circumstances. Discriminating a person because of a particular category is not acceptable.

No one is above the next person that includes those people who run around with hereditary titles. We are all citizens of this planet and we are the product of evolution.

Dislike for someone should be based on the way a person interacts in a negative manner or the talent of dishonesty but not for where they are from or the colour of their skin or gender.

Let us all stand firm for equality and acceptance of all peoples.

Happy Celeritism


Fashion C.18.08.12

What is fashion? We are swayed by what is in the shops and what top celebrities wear – but other than cut – fashion is hugely varied.

Sometimes I look at tv shows from the 80’s and think, if not for the background buildings and cars, the fashions could be worn today. The only stand out is the bell bottom jeans. Even the waistline for women on fashion is slowing creeping back to the waist.  Waistlines were once on the hips and below, a few years ago but even that is losing its trend.

I think fashion is what defines you, it is what makes you feel good and what makes you want to not care what other people think.

Vintage clothing is very popular and because it has a timeless and unique appearance. I think fashion is what and how we wear something with a hint of what fashion houses’ want us to wear.

Enjoy the sloppy jeans or the formal out there look because fashion is what makes you feel good.

Happy Celeritism


Ancient Sphinx 2nd C.18.08.11

This is exciting, we all know about the ancient Sphinx of Giza but now it seems they have uncovered a second one.

This second Sphinx has not been completely dug out yet – a work in progress – but it will leave theorist giving their idea of the history.

This second Sphinx has been located on Al-Kabbash Road which connects the two temples of Karnak and Luxor. It is estimated to have been built approx. 1400 BCE.

The Sphinx has the familiar appearance of the lion’s body with a human head. Although this Sphinx is still in the ground, tourists are welcome to visit this ancient statute.

Every ancient discovery adds a piece to our historical past.

Happy Celeritism


Age Not an Issue C.18.08.10

Being Old doesn’t mean being without or having to be considered as less. It seems that the mind set for many people is that as you grow older you are of less importance.

Everyone is important. Age should not be an issue. Life should be valued regardless of age. We have won the genetic lottery for life and this makes it even special to enjoy.

I would love to live to a very old age. I ask nothing of anyone but equally I would not expect to be treated no less because of my age.

Age is a number and life is a treasure – enjoy both.

Happy Celeritism