Organic Naturally C.18.10.15

This is one of the funniest things that has gone crazy and that is the “food that is Organic”. The trouble with this is that, all foods are organic!

You see, even you are organic.

The use of the word organic or organically grown is a misrepresentation because everything is organically grown unless of course it is made of metal.

Organic foods label is a misrepresentation of organic. I think what the grower is trying to say is that it is pest free foods because all foods are organic otherwise you could not eat them.

So, this is not a matter of a label but rather a blind sell, which often costs more. All organisms are organic, hence the word.

So, the next time you see a sign that says organically grown, don’t pay extra for it because the next shop that does not show such a ridiculous sign has equally organic produce without the insane higher price tag.

Now, if the sign says pest free veggies, well that is a much better description of the true intention of the product – of course provided they are genuinely pest free.

Happy Celeritism


The After-Wedding C.18.10.14

I think everyone agrees to wish well to both Jack and Eugenie after their very romantic wedding. Everyone looked exceedingly happy and the couple look very much in love.

Weddings are romantic, and I hope they enjoy a beautiful life together as husband and wife.

Congratulations to the happy couple – Jack and Eugenie.

Happy Celeritism


Eugenie and Jack’s Wedding C.18.10.13

A new fairy tale. The media around the wedding of Eugenie and Jack has been limited, as weddings should be.

A couple getting married is a family affair and should not be a public spectacle. And most importantly any wedding should not be at the expense of the tax payer, as this one is.

It never ceases to amaze me how a very wealthy family who have inherited self-indulgence titles feel the public need to finance their extravagances.  

I think it is time to reset the clock of inherited self-titled people and suggest they join the rest of us in the real world. The tax money certainly can be better spent for education and hospitals rather than a family who consider themselves above the rest of society.

Happy Celeritism


Storms and Common-Sense C.18.10.12

As beautiful as it is to run out in the rain and feel the water splashing on your face – it is also a little sensible to stay inside.

In Australia the weather is battering down and causing a sensation. It is the early part of the rain and disaster season where floods happen.

Being sensible is being smart. The rains and winds can be destructive and to wander out in flooded water is just not a good idea.

Take a pinch of common-sense and enjoy the wet weather from a safe spot preferably inside and enjoy the season.

Happy Celeritism


The Power of Words C.18.10.11

Words hold power. It is not always the situation but how it is worded. Words can cut like a knife and bring down an emotion like a storm.

Sometimes we don’t realise how our words impact another person. Sometimes we don’t understand why words can cause a great deal of damage. But damage from words can sometimes be more devastating than actions.

Be mindful of your words and be aware of the way they are received.

Happy Celeritism


5 Minute Walks C.18.10.10

That’s all that is needed – 5 minutes every day. I started this routine when I found my schedule was very busy.

Taking 5 minutes for a quick walk around the block was an early stepping stone for daily exercise.

Now, my 5-minute walk has increased to 10 minutes because of an established routine.

When I get the chance, I do longer and different walks, but the 5-minute walk is a short term band aid solution to not having more time for exercise.

Try it, it works and is good for you when you find yourself with no time on your hands for longer exercises.

Happy Celeritism


Criminal Excuses C.18.10.09

Diminished responsibility or drug laden excuses for crime.

If violence occurs there should be no excuses which cause a lesser sentence for an offence. By all means explain why the behaviour occurred and then slap the biggest sentencing possible.

Crime should never be excused. It makes a mockery of an already weak system. When physical harm is done then a punishment equal to the deed should be handed down.

The system should not be kind to criminals who have shown no kindness in their deed. And by all means they can be sorry, but they still must pay for their bad behaviour.

Excuses should not lesson the punishment. A victim must feel satisfied their ordeal was acknowledged.

Happy Celeritism