Disasters are Not Miracles C.18.08.23

It never ceases to amuse me when people turn around after a disaster or major accident and because of a little survival call it a miracle.

Where is the miracle?

This was said recently when a child survived in a crashed car for days – it is a miracle! But no, the child lost his mother and was clearly traumatised by the ordeal – so where exactly was the miracle?

Miracles should not be the result of a disaster. This only strengthens that miracles do not exist.

Being in a danger situation where lives are lost and because of a survivor it is called a miracle. The other lame saying is, when someone survives a horrific accident is because there was an angle looking over them. Huh, so why didn’t the imaginary angel prevent the accident in the first place?

Some people live with misguided reasoning and the idea of angels and miracles in disaster situations is one to name a few.

Happy Celeritism


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