Breastfeeding in Pools C.18.08.21

I was reading this morning about a mum who was told not to breastfeed in a public pool. I have no issues with breastfeeding, but I think that is a sensible request for many reasons.

Firstly, for the sake of the baby breastfeeding in a chlorinated pool would not be an ideal safe situation. Secondly, people wee in pools and since baby is in the water with mouth in drinking position the likely hood, being great, while feeding to mix chlorinated, wee filled water with milk is not a good thing.

Next, what if the baby throws up the milk, do the other swimmers have to endure that along with the wee water.

In all, feed where you like but for the sake of the baby – being sensible would be to feed in a dry and clean environment. It would be hard to keep mummy’s breast dry from chlorine and baby away from chemical and other foreign water content. And I am sure if I ponder more I could add to that list.

The sensible thing would be to feed out of the pool not because rights are being challenged but because for the health of the baby should be first.

Happy Celeritism


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