Titles C.17.03.27

It is the catchy title which draws my attention. I base a lot of my choices on a name. A name or title could be a product, a book, a TV program. We are an emotional species and our brain digests what we see and images and titles process our choices.

Names or titles which are not catchy tend to have a great marketing trail. This is very much the case with products like clothing and accessories.

I will reach for a book because of its title, the covering picture and the colour combinations. Most people don’t realize we do this subconsciously. The only reason why I would go directly for a certain book is because of its reputation mostly jockeyed along from marketing or word of mouth.

Titles are important. Much like a Doctorate or a Professorship tends to convince a person of their knowledge although knowledge is a fickle thing.

Titles play an important part in our lives. We gravitate toward words which resonate with our being.

Happy Celeritism


Luck C.17.03.26

Is there such thing as luck? I don’t think so. There are things and events that happen in life when you step back and see the picture are simply cause and affect. Luck is up there with magic and miracles they are the words used when a word lacks a situation.

Everything that can happen will happen much like Newtons Law.

The level of understanding we have of life is still limited. And luck is one of those things which seem more like magic.

It is not luck a person escapes an accident or luck when you win a prize. In those incidents alone you escape an accident because you were not in that place at that time and to win a prize you had to have been in the draw.

Luck is about a happening which because of surrounding events brought it to fruition. We make luck happen, we are in a position or a place at a time which coincides with the result making it luck. Sadly the opposite is also the case.

Luck is what you make, it is not magic it is a result of a chance or a desire or of hard work.

Enjoy your luck everyone deserves it now and then.

Happy Celeritism


The Chastity Belt C.17.03.25

Back in the middle Ages the fighting Knights who departed for the Crusades were credited for inventing the Chastity Belt. In fact the mention of the belt does not appear until the fifteenth century.

It was thought that the invention of the Chastity Belt was a method for jealous husbands to keep their wives faithful in their absence. Suspicious husbands used chastity belts to prevent their wives from engaging in sexual relations (or masturbating) in their absence.

But it seems that women also used them to protect themselves from rape. What an uncomfortable thought…

Happy Celeritism


Equality at Birth C.17.03.24

There is no such thing as equality at birth. This is because when you are born it is into a poor family, an average family or a wealthy family. So immediately at birth you are pinned by your parent’s circumstances.

Your circumstances at birth do not always dictate who you are capable of becoming. This is particularly so for those people born in poor circumstances. Everyone has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives. Everyone also has the equal opportunity to be destructive with their lives and this can be so with those born in a wealthy family.

Wealth does not dictate ideals it only give you a weak or strong initial footing and how you use or abuse that footing remains up to you.

Wealth is a wonderful asset but it does not dictate your ambitions. Many people have attained remarkable achievements from poor circumstance. Equally some people who have been born with wealth have done the opposite and destroyed their ambitions from arrogance.

There is no equality at birth but at the same time that equality does not guarantee the path an individual will follow. In the end it is up to each and every person to make the most of life regardless of their initial circumstances.

Happy Celeritism


London Terrorist Attack C.17.03.23

Four Dead, and at least 20 injured in a parliament terrorist attack in London. A car containing the suspect mowed down pedestrians while travelling along Westminster Bridge before crashing outside parliament house. A police officer was viciously stabbed and died.

This incident has been declared an act of terror. Terrorism is an unforgiving act of violence upon innocent people. Counter-Terrorism command is being carried out with a full investigation into the activities of this disgusting terror.

Human Rights for the innocent individual should be a priority. Safety of all should be the ultimate attention.

We come together as humanity in strength against the cowardly acts of terrorism. Death and injury to innocent victims is not acceptable.

To the families of the victims we give our condolences and mark to make every effort to protect and strengthen the safety of humanity.

Happy Celeritism


Historical Napoleon C.17.03.22

There is much about history which needs to be revisited. We have been persuaded by sometimes singular opinions of certain persons and events. History after all is His Story – History.

Napoleon is depicted as being very short and generally standing with his hand tucked into his shirt in a bold brave soldier stance. From this image of Napoleon and his reputation of being short has come about the “Napoleon Complex”.

The Napoleon complex is considered to have a short stature with an overly aggressive behaviour – because of his shortness.

But, in fact Napoleon was five feet seven inches and was slightly taller than the average man of his time.

Napoleon Bonaparte existed 1769 – 1821.

Happy Celeritism


Achievements C.17.03.21

What you achieve in life is not about winning or losing. It is not about making the right or wrong choice. It is about how you feel about what you have achieved. Some people are content with the simplicity of achievement and other people never stop trying – thinking they have failed to achieve.

Achievement is about the acceptance of what you have accomplished. Achievements are personal. It is about being happy and satisfied with your place in life.

There is no competition only the competition you create for yourself. In the end sit back and realise you have done a lot, you have gained a lot and realise you have achieved more than you realize.

Happy Celeritism