Language C.2.11

Around the world a method of communication has evolved in various ways, we call it languages. This form of exchange has evolved over many generations. Words have been invented, expanded upon and developed as our species has grown.

The need for survival, for development, language is a vital component to our expansion.

I could only imagine sounds of communication were probably no more than initially grunts and qwarks.

It absolutely amazes me how many societies have a certain level of expected grammar for the spoken language. And yet speaking is purely a gradual invention where no single person can demand how a language is expected to be spoken.

When I place a sentence, often incorrectly on purpose, I delight in rejecting correction knowing that we as a society has placed our language into a box of do’s and don’ts.

I do however respect the well presented way our language is presented but I do find it amusing when I am corrected for something seemingly is only a taught opinion.

A general system for language is important for broad communication but being corrected for slight errors is rather tedious and unnecessary.

Enjoy the language you speak and know that at any time you can contribute to its growth and expansion.

Happy Celeritism


The Waste of Committing suicide C.2.10

Life is precious and for many people it is often taken away too soon. The respect for life and the recognition of its extreme value often goes unnoticed.

Suicide is a serious action and one which could be considered as a selfish act and yet it continues to occur.

There is nothing in life which is great enough that the only way out is suicide. Suicide affects so many people from immediate family extending out to friends.

Taking ones life has a huge implication and yet it is treated too lightly.

Respect your life. Value your existence.

You have an opportunity to a valuable life. Take the time to find the values, the delights of living and don’t take a choice which cuts short your one and only chance to existence.

Love your life, not matter how hard it gets there is always a good future if you make the effort.

Happy Celeritism


Drinking to Oblivion C.2.9

Alcohol like recreational drugs can be dangerous both toward the health of the taker as much as other people surrounded by users.

Some people without consideration drink beyond excess. Once you decide to drink or revel in drugs you expose yourself to the possibility of injuring yourself and people around you.

Under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs you place yourself in the position of possible danger.

You can live a happy and fun life without the crutches of substances. So live a healthy life and find the luxury of refreshing water or drinks with fruits and vegetables as a better choice than alcohol. Equally avoid recreational drugs which only alter your state of mind and can make you do regrettable things.

Stay happy, stay substance free.

Happy Celeritism


Own It C.2.8

When you find yourself at the end of criticism turn the situation around toward your benefit.

You do not need to tolerate unwelcomed comments. Rather than feeling the depth of any remark make it yours.

So, turn the cards on unwelcomed comments. No one has the right to make ownership of your self only you.

Do not accept bad gossip or bad talk, raise your head and own your self esteem and don’t allow jealous comments to take hold.

Happy Celeritism


I have vouched for you C.2.7

Have you ever made the error of vouching for someone only to find out they are not the person you thought?

Dubious personalities do lurk and we need to be careful. If you have known someone for a short time you need to be careful about sanctioning their honour, particularly if it is their moral honour.

Many of us have very long time friends and we feel very confident of our knowledge of their personality and this is okay. But too often a new face appears in our circle and their infectious happy personality can blind us.

So when you are faced with having to vouch or give reference for someone you have only known for a short time and that short time can be a couple of years be careful.

I have adopted the answer by saying “To the best of my understanding” this being my opinion is not conclusive – this person is okay.

Happy Celeritism


Negative Thinking C.2.6

It becomes rather tiresome to constantly listen to someone who sees the world as off all the time. They see their lives as terrible, their situation difficult.

I have been around people like this and I find myself quickly trying to escape their company.

Thinking negative about everything could not possibly be healthy. In fact I think it would generate a great deal of stress. We don’t need stress in our lives but instead we need to see the world with possibilities.

If you see the world with complaint then don’t you think it is time to see your surroundings – your life with hope and adventure.

Life should be exciting with little hitches on the way, just to make it more interesting. There is no reason to live in negativity but instead make the world you live in a positive one full of adventure and take the obstacles as just that obstacles and nothing more.

Happy Celeritism


Classrooms of the future C.2.5

There is no escaping the obvious. Classrooms in the future will be virtual. The move away from the physical classroom to the on-line class is increasingly becoming popular.

The availability of studies on-line makes it possible to have the world study institutions like universities at our fingertips.

Many universities already participate in on-line study courses. This brings the seemingly impossible to the possible.

Because of the distance, the expenses, the inconveniences of travelling and accommodation to far off universities, on-line study brings courses to you.

This convenience opens the doors to many people who otherwise would not be able to attend far off universities. This allows stay at home mums and dads, the infirmed or simply the financially handicapped person to attain a degree in an otherwise difficult situation.

Embrace the future, enjoy the doors opening to learning and love the idea of on-line study.

Happy Celeritism