Fat People On Planes C.17.07.23

Flying is a challenge these days but more so for those people who are plus size. This discomfort can work both ways. Not only can an over sized person be uncomfortable but often the person sitting beside a large person is often subject to the overhanging use of the seats.

People should not feel uncomfortable whether it is a large person or a small person sitting beside one. Is there a solution?

Planes have standard size for their seating but what about a row of seats perhaps midway on the plane – so it doesn’t show preference for front or back of the plane. These mid way seats could be a row of extended width seats. These seats could be say one and half the regular width and therefore could even call for a one and a half of the ticket price. At the moment large people are asked to pay for two tickets and the vacant seat they pay for can still be sold. In the case of the one row of wide seats with the matching price would then mean the airlines will still get their ticket price and the passenger would not be subject to double ticket price – this could be a win win situation.

Standard size is not functioning anymore since it was originally introduced and I think airlines need to relook at their strategy. I think an airline offering a specialized seating would increase its popularity. I know this would put a strain on large passengers travelling with a companion so perhaps a random wide with a regular on certain middle aisles and to make up three seats could be done twice with accompanying regular seats. The prices would reflect this change and then the problem of discomfort addressed.

These special seats can be specially booked and if they are not taken offered to the general public for those who want extra space with the additional price tag. But it must be large people first choice, and only if still available extended to the general public. I think just a couple in the middle rows would be enough and it would certainly earn customer points.

I think we need to adjust our thinking about flying to make the experience of travelling more enjoyable.

Happy Celeritism


Abuse in Religion C.17.07.22

As an equal thinker I want to write about abuses in religion. I will not single out Judaism, Christianity or Islam – the three major world religions but instead treat them with equality.

Abuse whether it be physical or psychological is apparent in all of these followings and their franchises.

This begs the question of the usefulness of religion. It is a danger of mind control and harm. Often the biggest victims are women who are told they are subservient and are under the control of men.

Religion is harmful and regardless of the alleged good it does it sadly has a very unhealthy downside.

Religion is harmful to your health. It is a man made idea created in antiquity by man. I think the stretch of faith to cover the flaws to make excuses is overdue and needs to be addressed.

If religion got rid of the god idea and removed all the harmful aspects it could actually be a wonderful way for people to come together but instead it harbours too many dark and dangerous aspects.

Be wise, be smart and recognize humanity has been had for thousands of years.

Happy Celeritism


The Now C.17.07.21

Sometimes we forget to live in the here and now. It is all too easy to dwell on the past when we know that cannot be changed or alternatively we think about the future of which can go any which way.

It is time to recognize the Now. Live in the moment. It almost sounds like a soap opera doesn’t it? It is a very true statement. We sometimes forget to live for the now.

Too often I have wasted time thinking about what I have said and done. I cannot change my words or actions. What is done is done. No one is perfect. We all make life choices which can make us cringe or even regret but that is what life is all about, making choices.

We must be true to ourselves and know when we do things it is in the moment and then move on and live in the moment.

Live for today and whether you make a mistake or make perfect choices be happy and content.

Today I have some people to see and some errands to do but in doing this I will stop and enjoy every moment.

Our existence is short, too short to over think our past or to over ponder our future. Enjoy the moment.

Happy Celeritism


Gun Happy Police C.17.07.20

We are supposed to feel safe with police but sadly the shooting of an Australian woman in America has brought this into question.

There seems to be information black out regarding this fatal shooting by an officer who failed to have his personal camera turned on at the time.

There is no question the police live a dangerous life. Their world is faced with hardened criminals with little morals. But even so this is no excuse for a gun to be fired recklessly.

Firearms are dangerous when used recklessly. There have been too many lives lost due to guns being used.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out because like most people I am at a loss how an officer shot an innocent woman in pyjamas reporting an intruder.

My condolences to the woman’s family…

Happy Celeritism


Road Rage C.17.07.19

It is not pretty but it is a fact Road Rage is on the rise. People are unable to control their anger and the slightest irritation sends them over the top.

Statistically the age range for road rage is early 20’s to around 39 year olds and mostly males. It is a scary thought to think if you make a slither of a mistake that someone could go after you.

Rage is something which can happen not only on the roads but also in supermarkets as I have personally experienced.

Agitation, anxiety and general anger – these health conditions are on the rise. It cannot be discounted that drug usage and alcohol has played a part in rages. And generally it is concerning for the public.

Rage is not acceptable at any level. If you have difficult controlling your anger then seek medical help. Do not inflict your anger on other people. And for those of us victims to anger, stay calm and avoid conflict at all costs.

Happy Celeritism


Before Technology C.17.07.18

How did our grandparents, great grandparents and further back survive without a mobile phone? I struggle to survive if I leave my house without my phone and in fact will go back especially to collect it, late or not.

We are slaves to our technology and especially social media. I cannot imagine life without instant contact.

I can’t even begin to imagine the task of waiting week’s maybe months to hear from someone especially family and yet this is how our fore family lived. They lived in an expected world of little communication.

I wonder how we would live if there was a communications black out? Would we all go crazy not being able to make that instant contact?

We live in a great time so don’t abuse it but rather enjoy the privilege of our time.

Happy Celeritism


Love Actually C.17.07.17

Love is perennial. Love comes and goes and it can stay forever but love is always there.

Life is an emotional tour. We make choices from our likes and dislikes, from our loves and hates.

We make emotional choices from love and equally make mistakes because of love. We live in an illusion of love. We love and we hate.

Our world is full these opposites but more than often love pushes boundaries and make us do things other emotions don’t.

Love actually is an important emotion without we would not have excelled as a species.

Love makes us do crazy things, it makes us do unexplainable things but most importantly it is the fabric of our existence.

Happy Celeritism