Relaxation Time C.12.04

All work and no relaxation or play time is a one sided condition. We need balance in life and putting time aside for pleasure and relaxation is important for our health and wellbeing.

Our body needs down time, we need time to relax in this stressful busy world. Some people head off to the gym for exercise but think about it – it is still not relaxation time.

Put time aside for relaxation to wind down. Allow yourself a time each day to simply relax.

Relaxation time is important to balance life.

Happy Celeritism


Transforming the World C.12.03

The world is changing. It always has been. It is an evolutionary process since the world was a red hot rock to its cooling down process to the first sign of life. We live in an exciting time because everything continues to change.

I enjoy change; I enjoy the transforming of one style of life into another. We live in a technological age where the industry of electronics and all sorts of inventions are thriving. Of course it could back fire and cause us more grief than pleasure but I tend to always look at the bright side of things.

I love our transforming world with its combination of happiness and challenges; it makes me appreciate what a wonderful time we live in.

Happy Celeritism


Complicated C.12.02

Everything in life is an adventure. There are twists and turns and very often we are faced with complications. Complications are a way you look at something. Some people find complications in the simplest of things while other people only see a challenge.

When we start to look at complications as challenges then our focus begins to shift. Instead of looking upon complications as a struggle – begin to work toward solutions.

It is not about the situation but instead about how you decide to face it.
A complication is only apparent when you choose to be defeated but you can turn it around by deciding to master and overcome it.

Don’t allow complications to complicate your life but instead look at ways to overcome it.

Happy Celeritism


Choices in life C.12.01

We live with choice. We may think we don’t but we do. We choose to be who we are and we choose to be where we are.

It is without doubt we are influenced and we are manipulated to do and think as other people wish us to do but the real truth is we can break from expectations and be who we truly are.

Careers should be your choice not the choice of someone else. The love in your life should be your choice and not the choice of meddling family, friends or pressures from society.

We are the masters of our beings and once we take hold of whom and what we are we can reach heights of adventure and accomplishments.

Be the person you choose to be and be the captain of your life. Do not allow well meaning people around you to take hostage of your choices. You are the master of your life.

Make choices in your life for you.

Happy Celeritism


Aging C.11.30

Healthy aging is becoming further extended by great medical science and wellbeing. The population is living longer and it is great. Not only are older people living longer but they remain active and a part of both the work force and the community. I hope by the time I enter my elderly years they will have the know how to extend life. And like most people hopefully someone discovers how to get rid of wrinkles – that would be a bonus.

It is sad to read about young people throwing their lives away or damaging their bodies with abusive substances. We have only one life and one we should treasure and make the most of every moment.

Take care of your life so you can live to an old age, I know I certainly will because living is wonderful.

Age with grace and age with purpose and to heck with those people who say you must dress and act your age. What is that anyway? I say dress with attitude and act with confidence. Everyone ages, so go about it with a bang.

Happy Celeritism


Stealing C.11.29

It is becoming a constant – stealing. Trust is very difficult to maintain when so many people find the art of stealing to be okay. It is not so much the big things but the little things.

I was at the supermarket and reached for a bar of chocolate while at the same time a young mother also reached for a small chocolate bar and as I stood back thinking what else I could indulge into I watched this same mother reach for a kiddies bar for her toddler. This is rather an ordinary scene but as we were in the same isle I was slightly behind her as she moved around the isles. Within a few steps she opened the chocolate package for her toddler who wasted no time eating the treat and then she herself munched into her chocolate, as we shopped they continued to enjoy their treats. I have no concern if she were to claim the treats at the check out – but she didn’t. I lost sight of her for awhile as I did my own shopping but then come the check out – as it turned out – I walked up behind her. I watched as the previous shopper paid and left and this young mother placed her shopping on the check out belt. As I was directly behind her I waited for her to claim the two chocolates, one she ate and the other she gave to her toddler. But she didn’t. I stood in awe as it was my turn to be served. I felt the strong need to say something but then I decided not to make a scene. This is an example of bold theft. This is stealing. Some people view that it makes no difference because these are large supermarket chains that are wealthy but where do you draw the line?

Honesty is honesty and stealing is stealing. If it does not belong to you, then you should not take it. Then I questioned myself about stealing. I always take the small soap in the hotel room but I always considered it was a part of my stay. Ah it is difficult.

Stealing is stealing and what a world this is that it is taken in such a casual light. Stealing is a lack of respect.

Another incident was when a neighbour was taking flowers and plants from my garden – this was some years ago. I had no idea who it was, but I noticed some plants were completely uprooted. Nice plants which I took pride in. Another neighbour had come home late one night from the movies and noticed this other neighbour helping herself to my garden. So I set a trap – in my own garden I set a trap. It took many new plants and two weeks of stalking in my own property but then I finally caught her. The sickening part was she laughed in my face and confessed she had been doing it for years. It started with stealing clippings and then she got bold with uprooting plants. She told me it was not stealing because the earth belongs to everyone. I reported it to the police and the only real thing I could do was have her charged with trespassing on my property. It is a disgusting business but I had to resort to that in the end. Out of spite she takes the occasional plant and then denies it. But what a horrible situation when in your own home you cannot be spared from theft.

Don’t steal it is not nice and it is really very disrespectful.

Happy Celeritism


Radicality C.11.28

There are many extremes in this world from beliefs to diets. Being radical is considered being extreme. Extreme in thinking can be complicated and sometimes dangerous. In people who are extreme radical thinkers can cause danger not only physically but also mentally.

Extremities in any situation can be very complicated.

Radicality is not attractive. Sometimes we need people to go over board for a cause but when it affects the lives of people unconnected then it has gone too far. Radical religions, radical thinkers cannot be reasoned and lack the art of balanced conversation.

When radicalism strikes, observe, think and don’t allow pressure or bullying to force your choices. View the world in a balanced perspective and then order can be accomplished.

Happy Celeritism