Asian Accommodation C.18.11.14

In this world where people compete to have big homes and wasted space, it fascinates me that in many places in Asia – 20 people can live in one room.

This example I am speaking about is Hong Kong. In such a lively city, one which appears to never sleep – people live in crowded accommodation. Whole families of 6 or 8 live in one average bedroom size room. They have bunks stacked to the ceiling and cooking areas are crammed in a corner, not to mention a washing and toilet area no more than a spot in a nook.

Space will be a growing issue in the future. The luxury of spacious living particularly in the cities will be dramatically limited.

Pod style accommodation is rapidly growing in places like Hong Kong, but the thing is the concept has been modernized to house up to 20 people in a small space with all the shared conveniences neatly and cleanly set out.

It is the push on the shortage of accommodation which has opened ideas for self-contained pod style living. Stacking people two levels high and up to 4 wide-wise along a wall with shared amenities. This could be the future for many over crowded cities around the world. The luxury of space is becoming limited.

The pod style accommodation goes hand in hand with the tiny house concept. Things are getting smaller.

Happy Celeritism


Microchips C.18.11.13

The UK are discussing the idea of putting microchips into their employees. This is a very radical procedure, and, in some instances, there are employees out there who are already implanted.

I think, the implantation of a microchip is an extreme measure for convenience. Because once inserted – data can be stored. And this border and infringes privacy.

It is possible our world will eventually be microchipped and that in itself is scary. The limitations would be enormous. The convenience for any system would be high but that would be at the cost of individual freedom.

It is a horrible thought to think that maybe in a hundred years that microchipping a birth could be a thing. It would be a totally controlled society and that is not necessarily a good thing.

I think microchipping should not be allowed. I feel it has the capacity to breed more deeper control.

Happy Celeritism


Remembering the War C.18.11.12

I spent hours yesterday reading articles regarding the first world war which ended 100 years ago.

I found myself glued to old pictures and wondered – why. Those young men barely out of school marched off to be killed. Brothers, two sometimes three were lost at a time from a single family. The devastation was enormous.

I have always been against war and killings. I hold life precious. So, looking and reading through the letters and articles from a hundred years ago left me emotionally wrecked.

I sat back and thought about the leaders around the world who laugh at the idea of war and use this tool to threaten nations. War is not a laughing matter. It damages and destroys lives.

Stand for no more wars. Introduce adult discussions to communicate. War is horrid and devastating not only for the soldiers but for the families who struggle to go on with life from the result of war.

Say, no to any future war.

Happy Celeritism


Judgemental Opinions C.18.11.11

It is a strenuous throw to catch – judgemental opinions. But, everyone has them. We judge. We may proudly announce we do not judge but the fact is everyone has an opinion and that opinion is a judgement.

Humanity are a species who judge everything we do. It is an emotion which we cannot escape. We may say we don’t care about certain things but there are always choices which are based on judgements.

Judgemental opinions can be scathing and hurtful, but we continue to do it anyway. The more we are judged the more we reciprocate to judge even harsher.

We judge and anyone who says they don’t, don’t realise they do.

Happy Celeritism


Recycling Clothes D.18.11.10

What is the big deal when well publicized people wear an outfit a second time. Like for instance Kate Middleton, she recycles a dress from years ago and people go – a gust.

Charles, her British father in law and the next in line to the self-imposed throne of England stands for environmental issues. And yet the world gasp when a member of the family recycles their clothes.

The whole idea of this is stupid. Clothes should not be worn once but used and enjoyed repeatedly.

I re-wear my clothes as most of the population of this world, so if it is good enough for us then it is good enough for everyone.

I am pleased Kate is sensible enough to re-wear her clothes and please stop expecting that clothes should only ever be worn once.

If the environment is a hot topic then recycling clothes should be on top of the list.

Happy Celeritism


Fear Breeds Fear C.18.11.08

Without doubt – when you are gripped in the moment of fear it seems to breed more fear.

Paranoia sets in like a disease. You fear the worse and keep fearing the worse. It takes time to come down from a major fear.

When you have something personal happen to you that grips you emotionally it paralyses you and drops you down in fear.

There is no cure for fear only an intentional amount of working through the trauma until you eventually feel safe again.

Everyone, at some point, experiences fear. Some people unfortunately endure fear many times in their lives.  Once you make it through the loophole of fear it is easier to see it all from hindsight. It doesn’t make you feel better, but it does help you to remain cautious.

Happy Celeritism


The Challenge of Venice in the 14th Century D.18.11.08

In Venice the lagoon is a very treacherous place to navigate. Some of the water is very deep and navigable, and some is very shallow.

If you don’t know exactly what you were doing, it would be very easy for your entire invasion fleet to get stuck in the mud. The Venetians knew this, and they celebrated it in the architecture of the Doge’s palace, with its very open facade.

And just general appearance of happiness, joy, which is something at odds with the general tone of the 14th century.

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