Time to Clean C.17.11.21

It is always a great idea to do a major clean up at least once a year. I think before the end of the year is always a great time, so you see the New Year in with a clean home. Depending on where you live this is called Spring Cleaning.

Major cleaning means going beyond the normal weekly stuff or for those of you, like me, fortnightly stuff. Cleaning is not one of my favourite activities and I avoid it as much as I can. But saying that, I do make the effort to do a yearly clean and this involves, windows, curtains, light fittings and cleaning out those stuff piled cupboards.

So, even if it is only once a year, try and take the time to give your home a good old fashion clean it really does make you feel better.

Happy Celeritism


The Brain C.17.11.20

Our brains are a very sophisticated piece of equipment. It is our brain which takes in, deciphers and then returns to us explanations of the world around us.

It is impossible (at the moment) to reproduce the full function of the brain. It is a very intelligent piece of wiring. The world around is what our brain comprehends. It sounds all very mystical, but it is not. Each person perceives things differently.

I see the world differently to you and when you connect with someone who seems to see the world as you do it is almost like a gallop in the heart.

Our brain manages all our emotions particularly things like fear and happiness. For some people they appear to hold no emotions and perhaps that is due to a misfire within the brain.

We live within our brain and when we die, it is our brain which stores who we are which dies, our bodies are only the vessel to carry our brain around.

Protect your brain and only feed it healthy information.

Happy Celeritism


The Future C.17.11.19

No one knows the future, there is no denying that but by all accounts, it has a good direction. I mean this because with the amount of voices for various causes the people are standing up for humanity.

Once upon a time the church had a great deal of influence but now it is the people. This is evident by the recent Yes vote for same sex marriages but also for the many groups out there taking and making concerns for all sorts of affairs.

Sometimes it is hard to choose which cause to follow and having this large choice made me realise that our future is in good hands.

Yes, I am aware that there are major threats to the planet and the onset of wars but on the grand scale of things there are people around the world working toward making things better.

Yes, I think there is a great future ahead of us and it is because, so many people have thrown themselves into so many good causes that this time in a hundred years I bet this planet will be a better place.

Happy Celeritism


NK Defector C.17.11.18

It says a lot about a peoples since the uncovering of the enormous amount of parasites found in the testiness of a North Korean defector.

A man in his 20’s risked his life for freedom into South Korea and in doing so was showered with bullets fired by his former comrades.

No one knows yet anything about this young man except he challenged his own life for freedom. On arrival in South Korea he was taken into medical custody where intense operations were to save his life. In doing so it was discovered he was littered with parasites.

He has been left critically injured and all I can think is that this young man must have been desperate to place his life on the line for freedom.

It is considered that the shortage of fertilizers for crops and the usage of human faeces is the reasoning for the parasite infestation.

There is no doubt this is a human rights concern for the many innocent North Koreans who to endure their savage and desperate lives.

Happy Celeritism


Disabilities C.17.11.17

Disabilities can be crippling. The ranges of disabilities can range from eyesight to physical. It is a handicap to be dredged with a disability but not a loss situation.

We have the ability to make do with the unthinkable and pull our lives around. People with blindness are forced to adapt, people with physical disabilities are left with alternate methods of moving around.

Disabilities as difficult as they are must be approached with a positive attitude. If there is a problem, then sort a suitable solution. Because every situation does have an alternate.

Don’t let any disability drag you down but instead make you strong enough to overcome the shortcomings and make an alternative approach to life.

Happy Celeritism


Aussies Voted YES C.17.11.16

It is a wonderful victory in Australia – the people have voted. And the result – YES. I am talking about same sex marriage. The government are yet to pass the bill to allow same sex marriage, but the people have spoken.

The campaign has cost millions and although most people regret the cost to the people for this vote it at least moved the debate along encouraging the government to recognize same sex marriages.

It is such a shame that something as marriage has had to take so long to be approved. This should never have been a situation of voting but rather of acceptance. Regardless of the debate Australia voted yes to same sex marriage.

The Australian government should waste no time and allow same sex couples to marry. Congratulations Australia – this is a step forward.

Happy Celeritism


Food Waste C.17.11.15

I think most people can raise their hands on this issue. It is sometimes very difficult to avoid. In a supermarket it is hard to walk past specials and that must have food.

There is a very simple rule, never go food shopping on an empty stomach. It is true. When you are hungry you will tend to buy more food than you need and in the end, you will create a large food wastage.

Always eat before your food shop and then you will find those tempting specials and delights don’t attract your attention so easily. And less temptation means less food wastage.

It is coming up for the holiday season so be more diligent and make every effort not to have food waste.

Happy Celeritism