Preserving the Past C.18.04.19

It is nice to know that we are uncovering and discovering items from the past. There is a wealth of history around us and finding preserved items gives us a better understanding of our ancestors.

Finding treasures and items of interest from the past only leads us to speculation. We can only theorise what story they tell. Even if there is found a diary of events it must be concluded that the author could only speak from their limited point of view.

The past is greatly varied, and we will never truly know the correct and all details of what the ancestors did and how they really lived.

Happy Celeritism


Royals Recycling Clothes C.18.04.18

I have to start this with …. Dah.  I was reading how Catherine the wife of William recycles her clothes. It is written more of a – oh gosh.

Who on earth do these people think they are? Why is it such a big deal to recycle clothes? You and I do it all the time.

Re-wearing clothing should be a given and not considered a no for people who think they are better than us.

Everyone is equal, we are all on this earth in an evolutionary inheritance and because some people have placed themselves above the rest of humanity it doesn’t mean that it has to be accepted.

No, I am not a fan of royalty and as far as I am concerned, yes, they should recycle their clothing and not go about wasting on this planet. There should be not exceptions. We dress responsibly and so should they.

We have come to be a throw away society and while many people are concerned with our future survival on this planet, everyone should do their bit and not be wasteful.

Everyone is royal because we are who we are….

Happy Celeritism


Wealth and Its Importance C.18.04.17

There is no doubt money is important. It is important enough to survive in this everchanging world.

Playing poor is common because people do live day to day and others just survive.

How much money you have is only important to the self because in the grand scheme of things money can buy you a lot.

Many people work their entire lives and end up with nothing and others live life leisurely and end up with wealth.

The medium point is that we should be able to financially support ourselves with enough for little treats and anything above that is a treat. If we make the effort we can be financially comfortable.

We live in good times where government support is available to people who need it and in many cases for people who don’t need it.

Strive for balance and not greed and always remember – when you die you cannot take your money with you.

Happy Celeritism


Your Reality C.18.04.15

Do you know we all see reality differently? How the world around us is separated by our thoughts. You will find you focus on different things to me even if we are in the same room looking at the same things.

Reality is a scary thing because we perceive it in a way our brain scrambles information and then sorts it. Everyone views life differently.

What is inside your head is there inside your head and this allows you to prioritize according to your understanding. I will prioritize differently.

To give you an example. If you went to a party and chatted away to the people around you. You may find yourself reliving the night going over what and how you spoke and behaved. Then you may find yourself wondering how the people around you perceived you. The fascinating thing is the people around you that night will probably not focus on what you said or how you behaved because they too are probably going through their own behaviour for the night.

We live inside our own behaviour and unless you do something noteworthy most people would not recall a night the way you would.

It is true, we do live inside our own heads and we do live within our own reality.

Happy Celeritism


Age is a Number C.18.04.15

We constantly worry about getting older but as I look around I realize that you can be fabulous in your twenties and you can be enchanting in your 70’s.

I was looking over actresses who were over 70 and the list of names are familiar to most of us, like Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Julie Andrews, Jane Asher, Joan Collins, hey the list goes on.

These women look fabulous and they lead the way to being gorgeous in long life.

I am far from anywhere of these peoples’ ages and already they make me feel dowdy. It is a challenging wonder to look forward to and a wake-up call to never let age win.

It has always been known men age better than woman, but I am seeing the women in this world making their mark and looking fabulous.

Be comfortable as to how you look but if you want to always look your best as you get older then take the time to do so. Cosmetic enhancements are not the answer. It is how you dress and act which makes you look who you are.

Age is a number, so dismiss it and be as you want.

Happy Celeritism


Betrayal C.18.04.14

Betrayal is an ugly gesture and yet it survives amongst family and friends. It makes you wonder if the betrayer has a conscience.

We have all experienced betrayal at one time or another and as hurtful as it is we must not allow it to dictate who we are. Moving on from being betrayed is sometimes very difficult but it is a must do.

Always remember to hold your head high in the midst of betrayal and don’t be afraid to look people directly in the eye with unwavering confidence.

The art of betrayal will never disappear, so it comes down to how we deal with it that will make the difference.

Rise above the taunts of betrayal and don’t allow it to consume you. You can lift yourself above such behaviour and move forward with the people you trust.

Happy Celeritism


Russia and USA C.18.04.13

So now it could be war between the two superpowers. It is a scary thought because if something does break out the rest of the world would suffer.

It seems that these world leaders are not striving for peace but rather for war and that is the unsettling part.

We live in a precarious time where threats have moved from North Korea and USA to now Russia and USA.

When will these leaders behaving like children decide to grow up and make sensible adult decisions. Decision which in the long term have a roll over affect with the rest of the world.

How can we strive for setting aside differences and coming to the table to work on an amicable result.

As the rest of the world sit back and again watch world leaders make decisions which affects the rest of us, we can do our part by not contributing to this affair and deflect any negative outcome.

Can we stand united in the interest of world peace?

Happy Celeritism