Panic C.10.25

Attacks of Panic are very common. It is a time when you feel you cannot cope with a moment. Panic attacks can come upon you suddenly and without warning.

When you feel yourself in a state of anxiety, of panic – it is important to take deep breaths.

Too often when a moment presents itself uncomfortably it is easy to freeze. When you feel panic or anxiety coming on – pause for a moment and take deep breaths. This is not medical advice but rather common sense.

Panic can cause further complications if not subdued so when you feel your heart is pounding and you feel your chest tighten then pause and take deep breaths until the moment passes.

Stay healthy and remember to breath.

Happy Celeritism


Truths C.10.24

Speaking straight and with honesty is an art of the past. The amount of people who spill constant lies is very alarming. If you take the time to be alert it is easy to pick of untruths easily. When you tell a lie, then it is easy to trip up on details.

When you live the truth and you live by honesty then it is easy to live without having to think of what has been said.

Be truthful and be happy.

Happy Celeritism


First Society Beliefs C.10.23

When mankind first walked out of the bush and into its first society it opened a new realm of thinking. As the brain developed it brought about questions of how the world worked.

Science had not evolved in the minds of humans in the early first society. Therefore superstitions and folklore was born. Unexplainable events were labelled as magic til eventually the creation of a god came into being.

Families became very powerful and took the seat of kings and queens. The rulers were the first gods in antiquity.

It puzzles me how in this world of science and technology god is still believed as the action behind everything.

It is time to recognize science and reason. Every question does have an answer and if we don’t yet know the answer then it is because humanity has not progressed enough to answer.

Mythology belongs with history – it is time to move forward into a world of exploration and discovery in science.

Happy Celeritism


Parental Responsibility C.10.22

If a child cannot depend upon their parents then where does that leave them? We bring children into this world and for the most of it, parents show responsibility. Unfortunately, there is a nitch of parents who neglect their parental duty.

I have written about the scene of parents committing murder suicide of their family depriving children of a life.

In this I want to mention the importance of accepting the responsibility of a safe environment for offspring’s.

Each child should feel safe but more importantly is able to depend upon parental security.

There is no doubt parenting is a juggling act but it is a responsibility which has been enjoyed from the moment our species evolved into being. Parenting is a natural part of our existence and it should never at any point be considered tiresome.

I suppose what I am saying is, if you engage in sex and you procreate then you must accept the entire picture. Parenting is not a burden, it is a joy.

If you are a parent – be proud of the challenge to nurture a new generation.

Happy Celeritism


Stories of Suicide C.10.21

There is no doubt the loss of someone close through suicide is very difficult. Often the pity is on the victim but when I read of an individual murderer who kills his family and then himself then the situation becomes very different.

Life is very precious. There are people around the world with afflicting diseases and illnesses desperately holding onto every moment of life. Then you get a perfectly healthy person who waste their life and sometimes of their family with them. Innocent victims of murder suicide are bluntly unacceptable.

I consider suicide a selfish act. I am not a person who will accept that illness of the mind or desperation from stress as an acceptable reason to take ones life. Suicide is self murder and a lack of respect for oneself.

We have one chance at life. We have one chance to live and enjoy the world and to waste it away because of some selfish reason is not acceptable.

I have never felt the desperation of self harm but I still hold a strong view of its application.

When suicide happens, like murder, it is not only the victim but every one associated with the deceased. Families are torn apart. Lives are dramatically changed from the action of suicide individuals.

Yes, suicide is a selfish and unacceptable act. Respect the life you have and no excuse can ever make it negotiable.

Live and enjoy the world around you.

Happy Celeritism


Female Genital Mutilation in India C.10.20

I recently signed a petition which many other people did also regarding Female Genital Mutilation in India – FGM.

Thousands of girls in Dawoodi Bohra have been subjected to genital cutting as children since it has been ordained by the clergy of the community.

Women got together under the forum – ‘Speak out on FGM’ – to begin a conversation on this extremely secretive ritual which has caused physical and psychological damage to each of the victims.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) also known as ‘Khatna’ belongs to the Dawoodi Bohra community which has its major adherents in India.

The practice of FGM is done surreptiously and in a clandestine manner to all the girl children in the community, without any consent whatsoever. The alleged reason for this tradition is to curb the sexual drive of women and control them.

The Dawoodi Bohras are amongst the most educated in India, yet they are also the only Muslim community in India to practice FGM. The practice has nothing to do with religion and is more of a cultural practice.

I would like to join the voice and I hope this group would not object to this but it is here I have a point to voice.

These girls suggest the practice has nothing to do with religion and is more of a cultural practice and that it may be. But I have a point to raise; if it has been ordained by the clergy of the community then how can the voice of a clergy not be considered a religious voice. Separating the two – cultural and religion – I am willing to accept but to suggest a clergy voice cultural and not religious creates a paradox.

The practice of FGM is unacceptable – period.

FGM has no health benefits; in fact it harms girls and women in many ways. It involves removing and damaging healthy and normal female genital tissue, and interferes with the natural functions of girls’ and women’s bodies. FGM is often done without anaesthesia, without medical supervision and sometimes the procedure goes horribly wrong.

It often leads to pain, shock, tetanus, genital sores, excessive bleeding, etc. It also has long-lasting psychological impact on the victims, ranging from sexual disorders, and fear of sexual intimacy, nightmares and post traumatic stress disorder.

We urge the Government to pass a law banning this practice in India, such that anyone found involved in aiding, abetting and perpetrating this practice should be punished. Pressure of this law and fear of punishment will be the best way to put a stop to this cruel practice.

On behalf of these women the Dawoodi Bohra sisters I would like to help spread this information to the wider world.

Additionally, it should be recognized the origin of this practice and the root of this in India – the clergy. And equally I would like to distinguish the difference between culture and religion.

Happy Celeritism


Victims of Life C.10.19

Whoa is me… How often we hear the pity of oneself and yet we make our own pity. I often go on about this but it is true, we make our own choices and we make our lives. We should not complain if the choices we make do not pan out accordingly.

The thing is if you put yourself in a position where there are consequences then you have to accept the results.

If you have complaints then you have to look more closely at what has caused the problem.

No one is a victim of life but of choice. We can be strong and make change or we can give in and accept what goes on around us.

Have you eaten in a restaurant and served by staffs who complain about their work? That staffs are there because they applied to be there. My advice would be if you don’t like what you are doing then change.

You are not a victim of life but rather the result of the life you choose.

Happy Celeritism