GOOD FRIDAY – Do you observe this day?

Do you observe the Good Friday tradition? That being some 1,985 years ago, give or take a year here and there, a guy said he died this day on a cross. This supposedly occurred around the year 30 CE (Common Era).

Interesting is that, if you feel inclined and have the energy, the Vatican archives openly admit they had no idea when the man named Jesus died. In fact there is no solid record when Jesus was born or the actual time frame he existed and died. This alone brings extreme doubt of his existence. The Vatican has conflicting days Jesus was supposed to have died, Tuesday being the most popular. According to archived information Friday was chosen because it worked with some of the Gospels and the Jewish Celebrations.

For a dash of history, remembering of course, history is a matter of a point of view. Even so – it has been confirmed hanging people on a cross was the capital punishment of the day in the first century. It was noted that the then roads of Rome were laced with people hanged for crimes. Evidence of this extreme torture still exists today. History shows that hundreds sometimes thousands of people were hung weekly. This form of punishment was extensively used that crosses were recycled and trees were used when the numbers were too great. Big rusty nails have been found confirming the punishment of that day.

The big issue has been – did what happened in the first century regarding Jesus actually happen? For that matter did Jesus exist? Or was it that perhaps Jesus was merely a representation of the hundreds of Jews who were murdered in the first century.

The Jews were treated harshly with high taxes and many of them sentenced to death. Many Jews turned their back on their tradition as Jews. Josephus, a first century Jewish historian did exactly that. And no – he did not mention there was a man named Jesus who died on the cross. Any mention by Josephus about Jesus was uncovered as being a forgery. Equally the Essenes who recorded the activities of the first century failed to mention the mighty Jesus and his crucifixion.

Is it possible the so called death of Jesus was a symbol of the death of Judaism and the birth of Christianity as a way to escape the Roman punishment of the Jews – a way to set themselves free from persecution – who could blame them. Yes I know Judaism is still around, but what I am suggesting – it could have been used as a way to follow their tradition underground – under a different banner.

Oh and a bit of trivia for you. In the Old Testament when King David took another man’s wife as his own and impregnated her, he was cursed by the death of their first son. When their second son was born, that being Solomon, David was told one in every generation of his descendents would die a cruel death because of King David’s sin. Jesus made claim he was his descendant, so wouldn’t that make it, Jesus died for King David’s sin and not for humanity…. Just saying – check out the Old Testament, (if you could be bothered) for yourself.

Anyway let’s put that all aside, Afterall it was a long time ago and well it is time to live in the present not the past. I hope you have made the most of the day and enjoyed a day of relaxation. I love it these holidays the Christians force us to endure especially the Hot Cross Buns – yum.

Happy Celeritism


EASTER – Is it real?

Following a mythological system begs many questions. Easter represents a Christian version of their leader from 2,000 years ago. But is any of it real?

Easter is a long held Christian tradition and recognized by many governments – sadly. Recognized, because a day like Good Friday has been deemed a national holiday. Oh yes and so is the Sunday and often the Monday. Nations come to a crashing halt for four days – for what?

I have to admit I enjoy the indulgence of chocolates during this serious come festive time – but that is about all it is for me. Many theists would suggest we have no right as non believers to observe these Christian times as a holiday. Except the tricky part is, we don’t observe this period but instead we have to endure many places closing over the Easter period. Employers are forced to pay higher rates to employees causing many already strained businesses to make choices of ‘to trade or not to trade’. And for me, very often I need to urgently see a dentist and having to wait four days before anything can be done (yep due to too much chocolate) – and no I don’t have an endless money pit – is inconvenient.

It is a blunt fact that regardless of your position on the religious debate, each person, in countries who recognize these dates are forced to endure interruption. Many businesses close because they are forced to pay extra to staff on otherwise a normal day. Others are inconvenienced because liquor stores trade shorter hours or not at all. After all, what are some people to do if they are forced to stay at home but to at least be able to indulge in a chardy?

On the bright side and yes there are always bright sides… This is a great time for a holiday. If you are one of those lucky people who live near the beach and the weather permits then you don’t have far to go for a fun time. It is also a great time to take that hinterland escape. Enjoy some great picnics and walks. Be sure to shop before Good Friday because the supermarkets are generally closed. It is a great time to chill at home with a captivating book and do what I do, eat eat eat – chocolate that is.

Have you ever asked yourself what a Bunny has to do with a chicken’s egg? Or for that matter the whole Christian thing with the Bunny, Egg and chocolates…

This paradox smacks of a major infiltration by the non believers. Hey you want to close the nation down for four days to remember something that is not real, and then we will have the last laugh and make the most of this time with chocolates, fun and laughter.

And you thought the non believers didn’t actually manipulate the whole Easter theme. Well we may have to endure places closing for the government designated holidays but we get the final laugh because the non believers have caused chaos with the whole Bunny, Eggs and Chocolate concept. And what makes it even more fun, look how many Christians follow our non believers system and feel obliged to give and eat chocolates. And you thought we hadn’t infiltrated to our advantage.

So while they are off doing their mythological Christian thing, locked away in their mourning and so on – I’m off having a holiday, in my house, eating lots of food, catching up with friends and realizing who have it better.

Happy Celeritism


Happy 2015 New Year

There is no doubt, the beginning of a New Year brings with it new direction. Today cannot be taken as just another day but instead a new approach to life. It gives us the chances to zero back our thoughts and make a fresh start.
I love new starts and so I love New Years. I do not make New Years resolutions because they are pointless for many reasons. Why bind yourself to something you cannot do naturally without a promise. If you want and are eager to make changes then the New Year gives you a marker to do that. There should be no pressure attached to achieving the goal only that the New Year gives you a place and time to commence it. If you don’t keep to the changes you want to make or you discover the old ways were better then be flexible.
Life is about adapting about changing about making each moment new and exciting. Provided we do no harm to anyone else and our focus is on our happy desires then it could only be good.
Take this New Year with a new purpose and give yourself a chance to zero back and start fresh. I do, every year and every year I add to my life enriching it in a way only I can make happen.
Have a happy and glorious 2015
Happy Celeritism


Your Memory

How good is your memory? I have been ill the last couple of days and trust me it takes some doing to pull me down. Here I was on my bed – sick – and I was tested for my memory. This had nothing to do with me feeling ill, no, not at all. I was asked if I wanted something to eat, yes I said – some soup would be nice. I got a roll on lecture about how I had said at one time or another I didn’t like soup and had I forgotten. Well quiet frankly, I didn’t care and yes I had forgot but what did that have to do with me feeling like soup now?
I rolled over in a – I really don’t care – mentality and started to think. How often have we been held accountable for something we have said and forgotten and probably didn’t give a great deal of thought to? See even when I am sick my mind keeps going – so frustrating. Anyway my mind went off into never never space thinking the amount of times I have said something, then forgotten, then after being abused and only under extreme strain – remembering saying something. Wow, that was tiresome. It happens, we are very often held accountable for every comment, every movement every wink and so on. It is like having your life under a micro scope. I think we are entitled to change our mind and not be held accountable for something we did or did not say.
I said I did not like soup – then – but today I want soup. Does this make me a liar? No it is me exercising my right to change my mind, my opinion and my thoughts.
Don’t presume because someone said something once that they first of all, remembered and secondly still think the same. And not everyone has instant memory recall. It doesn’t make a person chronically forgetful it just means they are not focused on that particular issue at that particular moment. Meanwhile I made my own soup because apparently I once said I didn’t like it.
Happy Celeritism – So good to be back


Severe Headaches

I woke up this morning with one of my severe headaches caused by sinus. I realized today that I cannot go on like this any more and have made the decision to have the operation to remove the blockage.
The headaches are more regular now and I am not living a quality of life. I am ashamed to say it has taken me this long to realize.
I have taken some medication to dull the pain for the moment, so if you are like me and are putting off making your life better because of some fear of the operation then don’t. I will be off to see my doctor in about an hour to tell him, I have had enough and I want to feel good.
Happy Celeritism


Bad said about you

It is an ugly moment when you find out you have been betrayed – And making it worse – by someone who is close to you.
It is all fun and games to mock people. It can even be a buzz if that person is someone you actually love and respect – say a family member or a close friend. But what if what you said or agreed to that someone else had said got back to the victim?
Betrayal is the first word that comes to my mind. Let’s turn this around, what if something someone else said about you behind your back and you got wind of it. How would you feel? Hurt and pain are words of feelings that come to my mind.
Loyalty and genuine friendship should never be gambled with in favour of feeling like one of the crowd and agreeing to nasty gossip.
Laughing at someone behind their back digs into their dignity. It is not a matter of them finding out it is about desegregating their image. This is a very thoughtless and nasty action.
When you hear someone announcing savages accusations about someone you care about – be strong and stand up for them in their absence. Being able to speak out against nasty gossip to show your support for a friend takes character.
I would like my family and friends to stand up for me when I am unable to defend myself against vicious gossip as I would do for them.
Happy Celeritism


Friends on Levels

There are many different levels of friendship. Some people we call our very best friend, or our best friend, or a good friend or just a friend. The levels do vary.
We have friends we tell everything to. Let’s face it no one tells absolutely everything about themselves to anyone. We all have that little dark corner which is assessable only to us. There are those friends we open up a little bit to. We have friends we keep stuff in a casual way.
In other words we keep friends on levels.
Keeping friends on levels lowers the gossip. Also it can be about whom you trust or who you feel secure with – telling your deep thoughts.
The responsibility of knowing intimate information about a person can be delicate. Should private information be leaked then the person that information was given to become the question of trust.
We all have close, very close friends and we have casual or general friends. We know who we can trust and we know who can cause trouble for us.
My advice is, if you truly do not want something to leak then keep it to yourself in that dark corner only you have access to. I say this, because very often friendships can turn sour and anything a person knows about you can become a cannon of bullets.
Enjoy your friendships, even let people know and feel you think highly of them but always remember – the only person you can truly trust, is yourself.
Happy Celeritism