Carefree C.7.29

It would be wonderful to live in oblivion to be carefree and happy. We are stuck in a vulnerable world where stress and anxiety play a significant role.

Imagine just for one day you could live your life free of care. It would probably be a day of walking around a little stunned because we tend to prepare ourselves for falls and issues.

Sit back and watch the world for a day and know that everything around you only exists for a nanomoment after which life continues to evolve. We continue to be regardless of our personal emotions. Therefore choose to have a carefree moment everyday and watch how you perceive the world begins to alter.

Happy Celeritism


Punishment C.7.28

Punishment has a wide understanding. It is generally considered when a person commits a crime that punishment is the result. But too often it is overlooked that punishment is often given out on a daily basis.

When two people disagree on an issue this could cancel a friendship and in a way a punishment for taking opposite ideas. When a thoughtless driver smashes your car it is almost considered a punishment of innocents because this leaves you without a car until it is repaired.

Words of despair become words of punishment. Sometimes we make choices which lead to subtle punishment. And yet if we don’t stand for what we think than we become porn in the system.

Punishment is not the sole reward for crime but rather on a lesser scale can become the result of situation and choice.

See the world with opportunity rather than punishment and begin to glow in your choice.

Happy Celeritism


Money C.7.27

Greed is an addictive illness and one which harnesses the most honest of people. It is a fact it cost money to be born – live and die. Sadly it is a necessity all too familiar to everyone.

It would be wonderful to live in a moneyless society because money commands a certain power.

The power money welds commands dominance and control over the people who live without money.

Can we live without the demands of money? I think we can attempt to lower our level of expenses – Afterall there are many people who are forced to do so.

There are the basic necessities, which I might add is a corruption in itself and then there are frivolous things which can be monitored.

I think we need to treat ourselves now and then so I don’t subscribe to total abolition of nice things.

Some times I have had to curve my spending habits because of expenses and the habits I gained then I continue to use.

When products are on special like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioners for example I purchase enough to cover myself til the next promotion. I think I have saved myself a lot of money in that alone.

Instead of shopping at the mall I often shop in my wardrobe and with a little flair and sometimes a stitch here and there I can turn over an old outfit into something new.

I recycle shopping bags for garbage bags and even though my space is small I have managed to grow some popular herbs like parsley and basil.

Overall I have gathered some very good habits and am noticing I don’t spend as much as I use to before. Garage sales are great when there is something special to buy and don’t go past Gumtree on the internet for that necessity.

I think if you are inclined you can lower your cost of living and not depend upon money as much as you need.

Happy Celeritism


Angry People C.7.26

Is it the time of year or is it the weather but I am finding myself faced with a lot of angry people of late. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense for people to be angry for small stupid things.

Tolerance is something not so available to many personalities. It makes all the difference to exchange with someone who shows tolerance and patience.

Angry people make the world a bitter place and give an unpleasant feeling.

Let us all make the effort to show some tolerance and let us not allow anger to dominate around us.

Happy Celeritism


Stories Within C.7.25

We all have stories within us. Our lives no matter how trivial are the making of a story. There are highs and there are lows but most important to other people some of the moments in our lives hold special stories.

It is a shame because when we die we take the most intimate stories with us. These are the stories we never tell and these are the tales which would probably hold special for other people.

I enjoy listening to story tellers it is an art I envy. I have never been able to express my thoughts vividly but funnily enough inside my head I can master up some awe inspiriting plots.

You have a story within you and when you have done day dreaming perhaps you may like to share it at some time.

Happy Celeritism


What to Say C.7.24

It is easy to be caught off guard when someone announces they have a terminal illness. Cancer is one the most tricky sicknesses. A friend of mine announced she has advanced cancer; one if she had done something earlier could have been addressed with success.

Fear is one of the major reasons why people avoid seeing a doctor. Fear because they do not want to be told they have a dangerous terminal illness. It is sad because many lives are lost because of fear. This was the case with my friend, she feared being told the worse and when the pain and suffering became too great decided to see her doctor – sadly too late. But even with the lateness hope still remains and with medical science today success even in the most dire of situations has occurred.

But that is not what I wanted to write today, what I wanted to talk about is what happens when someone close or you know tells you they have an advanced illness.

I have learnt, with practice I might add, to not say the wrong thing. Several years ago I had a friend die of breast cancer and my only words of comfort was – you will be fine, don’t stress. Well in the end as she spoke her final words, my words of comfort were plainly stupid. That friend reminded me that I said months prior she would be okay and clearly she did not make it.

I have learnt because of practice that my approach worked much better done differently.

When this latest friend told me she had advanced cancer, I took a deep breath and asked sensible questions. Questions like “what medical treatment was she taking”. I comforted her with not stupid words like “you will be fine” but rather, “okay so now your illness has been diagnosed there is hope”. Let’s now work through this and make a difference.

I have now learnt not to say uneducated things like “oh you will get better”

Planning and giving comfort is the best way. After I ask about what medical treatment is being planned then my words of comfort is – “well you are on the way to managing the illness – this is great”. I find this approach more sensible and don’t give false hope but rather true hope.

Be savvy and think about what you say and the probability of wellness brings possibility.

Happy Celeritism


Prompt C.7.23

Another blog person is out there on a one word adventure – so my inbox tells me and what an ideal.

This reminds me of school – condense a story down to one word. The post for prompt and others I have noticed goes back a few days or so but let’s give it a shot. Afterall a bit of camaraderie amongst authors can be enlightening.

When I think of “Prompt” I feel the need to be on time, to complete my ambitions, my conversation. Prompt is also dedicated to the many flings of being on time for return replies. To be prompt is to be on top of your game – “I enjoy your prompt reply”.

We can improve our lives by being prompt about the many things we do daily, whether it replying to a request to arriving at dinner party on time.

So let’s add being prompt to our lives and see a certain improvement in our moods.

Happy Celeritism