Manners C.5.2

Please – Thank You – Hello – Goodbye. Is it so difficult to say these little treats?

Manners are fading and it is a shame. A simple thank you can move mountains. A humble hello makes a world of difference. A gracious please makes pleasure in the activity and a special goodbye makes the heart warm for the contact.

My dad use to say: always remember these four manners and from it you will always feel good about yourself. And it is true. I never leave a restaurant without saying thank you and goodbye. I always announce hello when I enter a place and when asking for anything it is always accompanied by a please.

So the next time you are out and about don’t forget the Big Four and then feel the good it gives out but more importantly the affect it has on the people who receive it.

Happy Celeritism


A New Day C.5.1

Start your day fresh and as a new beginning. Each day is special, a treasure. Make the most of each and every day and live it to the fullest.

Life is too short to be unhappy; life is too short to be wasted. Make today and each and every day new. Make your day adventurous, make your day quiet, and make your day loud and happy.

Most important make your day full of your life.

Happy Celeritism


Shop Wise C.4.30

It is so easy to get caught on expensive label products when in the end unless it is noticed – no one notices.

I was one who use to waste money on products which no one else knew the price tag except me. Now I have pulled myself from the pit of massive spending to realize I can save rather than waste a great deal of money.

I shop sensibly, even my supermarket shopping. For the first time ever I watch for specials and have saved myself so much money I can afford to splash out on the odd expensive piece.

Shop Wise, look for specials and save yourself heaps.

Happy Celeritism


Words Matter C.4.29

Silence is golden but well placed words are irreplaceable. On the other hand constant compliments can be patronising but well meant words can move emotions.

Language is a part of who we are and communication is a skill well evolved. How we use our skill of communication can make a world of difference.

Loud aggressive obnoxious personalities leave bitter anxiety in our body but well and simple placed words make comfort.

A lot of people don’t care what they say and say what they think regardless of the consequences – And sometimes admired for speaking their mind and other times despised.

Words have power so when you feel the urge to compliment you may make a world or difference. Equally when you feel anger to speak spitefully be aware of the consequence not only on yourself but the person whose emotion you strip.

Happy Celeritism


Personality Counts C.4.28

A person with a wonderful disposition and personality will shine through a crowd of Miss World Models.

Personality outshines in a crowd. Kindness is seen as a shining light. Intelligence is perceived as strength.

Personality traits are what make a person. How you hold yourself, carry yourself and are yourself become your signature.

Shine with your inner personality and your beauty will rein.

Happy Celeritism


Pretty not necessarily Best C.4.27

“Beauty is a Curse” a very old saying but very closely true. Being pretty or handsome can spin wonders and can move mountains! But in the extreme it is also painfully a curse.

For us ordinary mortals when we find ourselves at the end of an obsessive attraction it can be stressful rather than flattering.

Could you imagine or are you a victim of cosmetic beauty? I would rather use the word cosmetic beauty because the other adage of “Beauty is only Skin Deep” is also very true.

Being cosmetically beautiful can cause fear and stress and downright uncomfortable embarrassment.

My friend some years ago was so beautiful she hated herself. Men looked at her in lustful gleam, while other women hated her for being so attractive. In the end she fattened herself up and cut away at her hair only so she could be treated as normal.

So those of you who strive for thinking beauty is a bonus and maybe so a short lived one, think twice because being average is way more enjoyable and fun then being extremely cosmetically beautiful.

And remember “Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder”.

Happy Celeritism


Living by What if C.4.26

Too often it is easy to live by regrets rather than living and accepting choices made of the time.

How often do you hear someone say “What if” as if they could or would have done something different? What is often forgotten is that often time we make decisions which suit the moment.

For example: regretting buying that bargain priced house 10 years ago because now it is worth ten fold – then it must be considered the circumstances of that time. Were you in the right mental frame of mind to be purchasing a house or for that matter in a financial position to do so? Or making a choice not to invite a certain person to your party because perhaps at that time that person attending would not have been suitable or some such reason. It is easy to think otherwise in hindsight.

In fact we often think in hindsight why certain choices were made but ultimately forget that perhaps back then the choice made was suitable for that moment rather than looking back and thinking otherwise.

Living in hindsight is easy; living in the moment is multiple choices and one to feel confident about without regrets.

So don’t live for “what if” but rather “for what is”

Happy Celeritism