Your Brain is Your World C.17.01.17

It is true; you live inside your head. It is how you perceive the world is how you think the world functions. We all see things differently and this is good because it adds a great deal of variation to our existence.

We may ponder on a certain problem concerning another person but that other person may see the situation differently and may not even give it a second thought. What can irritate you may not irritate someone else and so on.

We live inside our mind and our world is painted and perceived by how our brain processes the images around us.

So don’t get yourself worried over things that perhaps other people would think little about. Instead, focus on being happy, well and treating other people respectfully and equally then the world you project can be the world you perceive.

Happy Celeritism


Stingers on the Beaches C.17.01.16

In the warmer locations like Australia, beach stingers are very active. The main culprits are Blue Bottles, which are like small clear enclosed bottle shaped with an obvious trail of blue thread. This Blue Bottle stinger only needs to touch you to cause some temporary pain. Unless you have some condition to cause otherwise, the Blue Bottle will not do any more harm than leave you with discomfort for about an hour or so. Ice is a great remedy and so is vinegar. If you are swimming on a flagged beach then the friendly Life Guards will probably have ice on hand. Blue Bottle sting is only temporary and depending on the location it has stung you should only last for about an hour.

The same goes for Jelly fish or Jelly blubbers. They can also sting if you brush up against them and the pain can last from around 15mins to around an hour. Of course everyone is different and the spot of the sting also plays a part on how long the pain will last.

Remember don’t touch them even if they are beached up on the sand because their sting can still be active.

And remember ice or vinegar or you can wait out the pain as it will eventually go away provided you don’t have any other existing reasons why it would affect you differently.

Another point to remember these stingers may only be around for part of a day or a few days because eventually the high tide will wash them back out to sea. So don’t think because there are stingers you have to stay away for a long time because it may be only a matter of a short pocket of time before they return back out into the ocean.

Swim safe.

Happy Celeritism


The Origins of God C.17.01.15

Today the concept of god is a given following but few people ask when this idea commenced. The biblical texts followed by the major organised religions show the starting date of being around 6000 years ago.

The interesting coincidence of the origin of the god concept is the Egyptian Pharaohs who were worshiped as the gods on earth. It would seem few people see the comparison of the Ancient Egyptian God Pharaohs and the starting date of Genesis in the Bible both matching around 6000years ago.

God is a product of man. God was an idea brought about in antiquity which still lives on today.

It is sad because while god is used as the answer or excuse it holds back the true understanding of the chemistry of life.

Happy Celeritism


Evolution and Now C.17.01.14

There is no doubt as a species we have evolved into a beautiful race of people. We have advanced in awareness and knowledge.

However amongst all the strengths of going forwards there are times our species suffers with withdrawal into the past.

Mythology is one of my favourite blasts and I am still baffled as to how so many people believe so many ridiculous things.

The Pharaohs of Antiquity were the gods of society and to think so many people actually believe the god ideals is real makes me constantly stop and wonder. Creation is still being taught as a biblical event when science has shown the mythological comparison.

Faith is the other ideal which amuses me because when you don’t have an answer faith is the default to satisfy your question.

Every question has an answer and if one still does not yet exist is because we have not progressed enough as a species to fully understand the issue and give the answer. In time questions will be answered as we uncover and discover more.

Happy Celeritism


World Leaderships C.17.01.13

There is a certain buzz at the moment regarding leadership and with Trump being at the forefront of this debate one has to stop and think for a moment.

Many questions are being raised. Has the system of voting been correct, has corruption leaked into the Democratic system and will Trump be a good leader?

I think it would be hard to think there is that perfect leader. There will never be that one person who serves everyone equally. In sight of this, America and the rest of the world for that matter will be waiting in anticipation to see how the world of politics becomes a world of unanticipated adventure.

I am waiting in the wings to see what happens, as most people I think who are wondering what is around the corner.

Keep the seatbelt on.

Happy Celeritism


Unconscious Biases C.17.01.12

Stereotypes are generalizations about people. How we react to certain people because of their nationality, colour, race and positioning can be positive or negative, accurate or inaccurate.

Society generalizes certain categories or groups of people in unconscious biases as a mental shortcut.

We respond to stereotypes to anticipate to differences in people from the outset.

Stereotypes can cause us to unintentionally respond to people in some ways which elicit from behaviours that confirm our generalizations.

As in discrimination unconscious biases needs to be addressed.

Happy Celeritism


Scientific Stem Cell Research C.17.01.11

Scientific research particularly in the area of Stem Cell has been greatly hampered by religious objections.

Science is a body which improves the human condition and is essential for a better quality of life. It is through science research and the understanding of illness and its causes have given way to improvement. This understanding has resulted in better cures but more so prevention of illness.

Religion is a personal thing and should not enter into the public arena of science or politics.

Happy Celeritism