Domestic Home Violence C.5.30

It is a sad realization but many of those people who swing violence think it is warranted.

I spoke with a woman who inflicted violence on her husband, now her ex. She told me she had every right to hurt her ex husband because he had a fling with another woman. It was hard to understand why she thought violence was the only way to sort their marriage.

I explained to her that violence was not the answer and perhaps talking could achieve much more.

She was insisted she was only violent because of her husband’s behaviour and could not understand that violence was just that – violence.

Too often it is thought violence was only at the hands of men but sadly violence is also committed by women.

There is no need for violence regardless of the story.

No one has the right to hurt another human being regardless of the fault. When there is a disagreeable situation learn to say your peace and then walk away. If a man has an affair with another woman than obviously he was not as committed to his marriage. Therefore a few disapproving words and a gracious exit is much better than violence.

Happy Celeritism


Sports C.5.29

Sports are an integral part of life. We need some balance in our lives and sports or activities are a way of making that balance.

Sport does not have to be kicking a ball around a field but instead a diligent effort to do an activity.

Sport can be categorized in many ways. It can be a group event, a solo challenge but more importantly an effort to exercise even it if is only walking – this is a branch of sport.

Be active, be sportive and make the most of keeping your health in trim.

Happy Celeritism


Friends C.5.28

It doesn’t matter if you have many friends or just one. Friends fill that space only a friend can do.

Relatives are great and of course are loyal but sometimes you need someone who is not so close but close enough to be at a distance and yet close. It is a paradox of understanding.

I can be myself with friends in a way I cannot with family. I love my family but my friends have a special place in my heart which can only be filled by them.

Enjoy your friends and appreciate the special part they contribute to your life.

Happy Celeritism


Shadows C.5.27

Do you live in the shadows? Do you find yourself away from the limelight? Living in the shadows is sometimes a neat way to be. In the shadows no one notices what you do and no one interrupts the flow of your life.

I like the idea of living in the shadows because I prefer not to be noticed. It is wonderful to go about my day without worrying what people think because people don’t think what I might be doing.

Living in the spotlight of life can be daunting and although an immediate rush is received it is not a place you want to live.

Be happy to live in the shadows of life and enjoy going about your business in your own world.

Happy Celeritism


In your Mind C.5.26

Life exists inside your mind. It is true. You make your life around your world and your happenings.

Out there is a bigger and more explosive world but the world you revolve in is very simple.

Simple in the fact you can decide if your life is full of drama or simple because you choose a quiet life.

When you think about it we all concern ourselves with our own thoughts and activities. We invite other people to join us but in the end we live in our own world.

Make the world you live in as productive, adventurous as you please but don’t sit idle get out and make your time vibrant.

Happy Celeritism


Noise C.5.25

This is an odd topic but a curious one. I have come to a point where I don’t notice noise unless it is uncharacteristic loud or different.

I was in bed last night and found myself listening to night noise. Night noise is so different from day noise. I could hear the traffic from the main road which is several blocks away very clearly. I could distinguish trucks and the occasional bike.

I realised that in the day I blocked out most noise but in the dead of the night while in bed I began to pay attention to the noise and realised the difference between day and night noises.

We make noise as we go about our daily business. Our quiet industry as it seems is very noisy so much so it quietens considerably at night.

Noise is a part of life and unless we choose to live out in the country then noise is a part of our existence.

I love the sounds of the birds and I love the sounds of the winds and rain and in all we live in an orchestral world of sounds.

Happy Celeritism


What Next C.5.24

A neighbour asked me to drive her to the aged care home where her husband lived because he had a fall.

There I watched frailling individuals living out the last moments of their lives. It made me stop and think about what is next. Although for me it seems a lifetime away it actually made me stop and give thought.

These elderly people in their 80’s and 90 have merely existed in a bed state. I walked past one room where an elderly woman slept and I noticed graced around her were beautiful flowers, toys, gifts and memories. These gifts were inscribed with “love you Mum”. I stood for a moment probably longer than I should until I realised there was a small elderly women sitting on the opposite side “Mum I am here”. It was every piece of power in me to stop weeping for this woman and her mother.

Today as I recall that experience I realised life is very precious and too short for stupidity.

There is only one life, this life. There is no after life or whatever else propaganda spreads.

Today, I decided is the first day of the rest of my life and I am going to make the most of it.

Happy Celeritism