ANZAC Day C.17.04.25

Australian New Zealand Army Corp. Today is the day of remembrance for the many soldiers who gave their lives in war. It is time to acknowledge their bravery and contribution toward their home country.

I am someone who detests the concept of war and I think leaders need to learn the art of conversation and negotiation rather than sending in young men and women to fight on their behalf.

Even though I do not approve of war I do acknowledge that there were many young men and women who without fully understanding the scope of their commitment eventually lost their lives or remain wounded either physically and/or emotionally for the remainder of their lives.

War is an ugly choice and in it are the many people who suffer because of it. Because of this let us take a moment to remember those men and women who gave their lives to war – Least We Forget.

Happy Celeritism


Colosseum, Italy C.17.04.24

There are many wonders of the world in the world and none less than the greatest works of architecture and engineering.

The Colosseum was constructed in 80 CE under the rule of Emperor Vespasian. It was a marvellous architecture wonder and the amphitheater had a capacity to house around 80,000 spectators.

It was used for gladiatorial contests and staged mock battles, animal hunts, executions and dramas based on classical mythology.

The underground portion of the Colosseum consists of numerous rooms and tunnels which housed gladiators and wild animals.

Happy Celeritism


The Future Today C.17.04.23

The future is quick becoming the normal of today. Technology is growing at a rapid pace and everything is changing. New advances are becoming old advances and old advances are becoming antiques.

From Cave Person to Technological Person we have advanced rapidly in the last 50 years. Before long even the youngest of us will be Grannies trying to keep up in the future.

I picture cars taking flights and airways becoming highways. Our brains will be equipped with communication equipment so the need for smart phones will be obsolete.

The prospect for the future is exciting and a little scary. I love advancements and I enjoyed progress but even I struggle sometimes to keep up.

So if you feel the same as me then you are not alone there are a lot of us including the teen generation of today who will be struggling to get a grasp of the speed of change.

I think the whole thing is exciting and as long as with all these changes our health system keeps us healthy to enjoy it – then I am ready.

Happy Celeritism


Computers Old and New C.17.04.22

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient analogue computer believed to have been made by Greek scientists around 150 or 100 B.C.E. The computer was used to predict astronomical positions and even eclipses. It remains a mystery because the technology was not seen again until the 14th century when mechanical clocks were being made in Euro.

Inventions are the grace of mankind and reinventions like a revolving door continue to happen.

Happy Celeritism


The Vikings C.17.04.21

Vikings have an ancient history of being great warriors. They were thought of as to be depicted as adventurers. Their code of dress was the wearing of helmets sporting two long horns.

The interesting thing is there is no evidence to support this portrayal of the long horned helmet. Archaeological excavations have never uncovered any such helmets.

It appears like many of fictitious history as in the supposed cup of Christ these ideas have originated from fiction novels. The idea of the two long horned Viking helmets comes from the works of a Swedish artist or from Wagner’s 1876 opera, in which the warrior wears this type of helmet.

It is fascinating how the arts have dictated the fictional writings into bogus history.

Happy Celeritism


Black Holes C.17.04.20

Where does all that matter go when it is pulled into a black hole? The most scientific theory at the end of the day is still a theory.

The outer rim of the black hole has such a strong gravitational pull that anything that gets caught begins to break up. I suppose it could be described as mushing down a planet into soup.

There are however some weird and interesting theories of what are inside a black hole and it really is open for anyone to speculate. My favourite is that inside the black hole is the entry to another universe. Perhaps we can visit our parallel self.

Black holes are a wonder and until we invent the ideal equipment to truly know what these holes lead to it will remain an interesting question.

Happy Celeritism


Childhood Parents C.17.04.19

Children who are parents are a challenge. There is a legal age for marriage but having a baby can happen at any age. Is it wrong? This is an interesting point because if we take a stroll back into antiquity, 12 year old mothers was the norm. Our society says they are too young and yet you and I would not be here today if not for our 12year old distant mother ancestors.

It is important authorities take an interest but when can that interest become devastating and life changing for young parents? Having a baby taken away before given a chance to prove anything with the promise of never seeing your baby is a bit harsh no matter the circumstances. This is real incidents which unfolded before Easter of a 14 year old dad and 15 year old mum.

Well being of a baby is important but it is equally important for a baby to emotionally bond with their parents.

Happy Celeritism