Evolutionary Change 1.3 – 18/1/19

1.3  The climate is causing massive changes in the weather. Locations in cold areas are experiencing warmer climates. And warmer locations are experiencing colder weather.

Species are experiencing changes in their living habitats. Adaptation and cooperation in the changes is becoming essential for every day existence.

It is time to change and adapt. Realising a change is happening regardless of what is done or publicized is essential.

It is time to take stock and alter our daily life cycle. The oceans are evolving into different existences and the planet is reproducing on a different scale.

Humanity needs to stop complaining and start making necessary changes to accommodate the differences in this evolutionary time.


Evolutionary Change 1.2 – 9/1/19

1.2   A fact – the climate has been changing for billions of years. It is our awareness and educated observation which has made this change obvious.  We have navigated through ice ages, plate shifts, land shifts as well as every possible change known to nature.

Technology and access to the media and information sharing which is highlighting the natural changes which have happened since the beginning of the earth.

Combine climate and evolutionary change and the earth stage is developing into a new direction.

Happy Celeritism


Evolutionary Change 1.1 – 1/1/19

1.1   2019 represents many changes in the world. First and foremost is the evident shift in the environment. This shift is not limited to the climate but is beginning to show signs of a very strong evolutionary change.

This strong evolutionary move is becoming noticed with the mixing of cultures in one sense and the inter reproduction between races.

The definition of certain races of people is becoming blurred and the sharing of cultures and ideals is expanding.

We are witnessing change.

Happy Celeritism


End of Another Year C.18.12.31

This has been a fascinating year and now it is drawing to its close. It is a time today to reflect back on the activities which have brought us to today.

Some of you will be planning and promising a new and vibrant year for 2019 and others will be glad this year has finished.

For me, I am neutral. I have had an okay year with its share of ups and downs but like most of you I want the New Year to be full of financial rewards, oh and good health and generally everything humming along nicely.

Tonight, when the fireworks light up the sky, think of tomorrow and a new beginning.

Happy Celeritism


Men and Housework C.18.12.30

Equality is the way forward. This means that when it comes to chores everyone should help.

Once upon a time women cooked, cleaned and looked after the children. Men would earn the money and be treated like a king.

Today however, things have changed. Men and women equally share responsibilities.

Men cook, clean and help with the children.

The change is good and adds a natural balance to the world. In some cases, the woman works while the man stays at home and in this scenario it can be sensible.

Balancing private and emotional lives is a balance in equality and makes good sense.

Equality among men and women makes logical and practical sense.

Happy Celeritism


No Fat Shaming C.18.12.29

It has to stop – fat shaming. People seem to think they have the right to criticize and humiliate other people because of their body sizes.

It is one thing to have to lose weight for medical reasons but quite another when people make you feel ashamed.

Some of the most beautiful people I know are comfortably sized and for me who they are is more important than how they look.

A man once said to me that a woman is noticed, first up, by their size and looks. And secondly by their personality. This is sad.

I think it is high time we take the pressure off women and men for that matter regarding their size and more on the person.

Let us end 2018 with a pledge to let go of fat shaming and begin 2019 with an open and positive acceptance of the human body.

Happy Celeritism


Love and Hate C.18.12.28

It happens – we can love and hate at the same time. When it comes to family and because of a natural bond – we love. But, being family doesn’t mean because you love that it is impossible to hate at the same time. It is possible.

I know of many instances where family members share a natural love and yet despise even hate the same person.

A love hate is not individually exclusive, the two emotions can bleed into each other.

On one hand there is the obligation to love and on the other is the emotion to hate at the same time.

Think about it. It is more common than you would think.

Happy Celeritism


Live within Means C.18.12.27

No one owes you. You must work on your life and live within your means. I have a friend who says her life is hard – all the time. She has a great job but not enough to finance her extravagant life – hence she is always broke and complaining.

Regardless of the size of your wealth or non-wealth – it is up to you to navigate your life within your boundaries.

It is simple – live within your means. Be sensible about the way you shop and consider your bank balance before you go overboard.

Remember no one owes you – you are responsible for the limitations of your life.

Happy Celeritism


Boxing Day Sales C.18.12.26

So, are you in for it – sales that is? It amazes me how so many people still camp out over night to be the first for the bargains today.

I have found though, that these sales do spread out to the New Year when with a little less crowd makes it more pleasurable. I am not good with crowds.

So, if you are in for it – then have a great day bargain hunting. For me I will cool out having a relaxing day.

Happy Celeritism


Day of Celebrations C.18.12.25

Today is a time of getting together and enjoying friends and family in the festive mood.

But, today is not always happy for everyone.

So, however you enjoy the gift giving festive day, be it on your own or with company – take a moment to consider – it is great to be alive.

Happy Celeritism