Ancient Slavery C.17.05.28

It is hard to imagine a world of slavery and it makes us realize we have come a long way since ancient times. Slavery was the norm in many societies whether it was the black population in America to the Greeks who took women and children in time of war and made them slaves. The bible is full of stories accepting slavery.

Slavery was a commodity and used as currency in the ancient world but some people suggest slavery lives on and perhaps this is correct.

Freedom is a birth right and too often the strong take advantage of the weak and vulnerable.

Modern day slavery occurs when one person takes hostage of another person for personal pleasure and this has been the case with young girls being stolen for sex pleasure.

No one has the right to hold another person hostage but sadly many young girls give themselves freely. The many teenagers who joined ISIS with promises attached of a filled future have found themselves trapped in slavery.

Slavery existed in ancient times but sadly in a milder form it still exists today. Stamp out slavery it is unacceptable back then and now.

Happy Celeritism


Celebrations C.17.05.27

I love celebrations, that is – real celebrations like birthdays, weddings and special family and friend occasions.

I do dismiss religious occasions but instead turn them into secular moments. As in times like Christmas, I use that as a time for family and friends gathering.

It is a wonderful idea a celebration. It is a time to come together to think of a particular person. Wedding anniversaries mark a time together, high school graduation calls for another celebration and simply the marking of knowing someone in your life.

Cherish celebrations and all the glitz that go with it and know that it is a chance to stop, pause and think of that person or couple and know it is these moments which bring together family and friends.

Celebrations matter.

Happy Celeritism


Everything is Invented C.17.05.26

It intrigues me how people become sparked when they learn that a word derives from something or the meaning of other things has an ancient origin.

The thing is everything has been invented by someone at some time. A word has an original meaning because someone made it that way. Even the concept of god was invented by someone probably the Ancient Egyptians. There is no miracle or mystery to life because everything has an inventor.

I watched as the concept of woman wearing black in front of the pope was a ruling but think about it. Obviously some misogynistic pope of the past invented that ruling. He wanted to place woman in a subservient position while raising his fame to imitate a god.

Equally the idea of ancient texts were invented or created by someone. Look at the bible it was written by a person, an average normal ancient person. The Hebrew language like all ancient languages was invented by someone and any long lost connection to the invented god was invented by someone.

Nothing in this invented world is mystical only being uncovered by someone thinking they are having a light bulb moment.

Everything in the world past and present has been invented by someone at some time even if it dates back thousands of years.

Happy Celeritism


Schapelle Corby’s Home Coming C.17.05.25

Innocent or guilty, right or wrong, celebrity or criminal, it really doesn’t matter – the fact is Schapelle lost 12 and half years of her life. She lost the prime of her life.

I am against drugs as much as the next person but her punishment even reduced was excessive.

Yes there are arguments that drug traffickers or alleged drug traffickers contribute toward the demise of many drug users. Except no one forces drug users to use drugs. And if there were not drugs what about alcohol it can do as much damage and yet it is not marketed as a life time sentence.

I don’t particularly care whether Schapelle is guilty or innocent but I do care that she has lost the prime of her life.

Many cultures still struggle with human rights and I hope in the not so distant future these types of barbaric approaches cease and a system of dealing with petty crime in a more humane way emerge. I say petty because unlike people who get away with direct murder or physical abuse to others Schapelle’s alleged crime pales in comparison.

It doesn’t matter if Schapelle gains stardom from her deeds because in the end that stardom cannot give back to her the young life she lost to prison.

Welcome home Schapelle and I hope you are able to settle back into some sort of normality.

Happy Celeritism


Innocent Children of Terror C.17.05.24

It sickens me to read the horrific bombing in Manchester and the sad aftermath. What type of person aims for children?

We live in a very sick society when some people find pleasure in destruction. It is claimed the Manchester Suicide Bomber has been identified – but when will this type of behaviour stop?

It is hard to put a cap on erratic behaviour and particularly since it is coming from the minds of some very sick individuals.

I cannot begin to imagine the distraught of the parents searching for their innocent concert going children amongst the aftermath.

May I give my heartfelt thoughts to those who have suffered loss; injury and fear from something which was suppose to be a beautiful outing of music. My thoughts are with you.

Happy Celeritism


Life of Crime C.17.05.23

We all have choices and those choices extend to the decision to live a life of crime or a straight forward existence.

Some people tend to spend their lives visiting court rooms, if not for traffic infringement notices it is some petty theft which swells into a criminal record.

There is no need for anyone to exist in the world of crime. We all have the ability to gain some self esteem by living a general life.

I have seen young kids go from high school to jail with very little world experience. It seems for some of them it is because of the company they keep and others because it is what is familiar to them from their family and friends.

A life of crime is not a very productive life. There may be the thrill of the achievement but once that novelty wears off there is only a dim future of repetitive bad choices.

People who live their lives in the criminal spotlight can choose to alter their direction. Sometimes it can be a caring stranger or even the self desire to do better.

A life of crime can be small or large but it is crime none the less. And as boring as the general life can be it is a more stable choice.

Think of your life and your world and choose wisely for you future and the future of your family.

Stay away from crime.

Happy Celeritism


Life in our Brain C.17.05.22

Our bodies with our arms and legs are only the vehicle to carry our brain. We see and live our life through our brain. When our brain dies our body are useless, we cannot operate without the instructions from our brain.

We are our brain. Our beauty is how we perceive ourselves and how other people see us through their comprehension triggered by their brain.

We are our brains and this is probably why when a person projects passion or shows interested through the eyes of the brain it is attractive.

Beauty is a projection and even if there is a straight forward look our brains will dissect and organise our thinking for acceptance or rejection.

What you really look like is something of a mystery because our brain has already established the boundaries of our existence.

You live your life through your brain and this is great because you can make the world around you the way you want to perceive it.

Happy Celeritism