Rude People C.18.02.18

The world is full of them – rude and inconsiderate people. We have to share this planet and in doing so it is good thinking to consider not only yourself but other people.

We have such a brief time at life and making it difficult and selfish only leaves a very bad trail behind us.

We can choose to be civilized by simply being civil. So, when you think it is appropriate to be inappropriate may I suggest you ‘just stop’. Just stop being antisocial. By all means live in your own world but remember you have to share it with the rest of us.

Happy Celeritism


Soul Mates C.18.02.17

The concept of soul mates is a fascinating concept. It suggests that you mostly only have once chance of hitting the soul mate jackpot.

We are made up of emotions and chemicals which react to other people’s emotions and with this in mind it does not limit us to a single catch.  

Soul Mates is a catchy thought and probably invented by someone who was head over heels in love.

Love can come to everyone and there are no limits. Either we connect, or we don’t connect with someone it is as simple as that.

Happy Celeritism


Dress for Yourself C.18.02.16

Dress for yourself and not to impress. I have a friend who was accused of parading herself because she dresses with style.

Not all women dress for men but rather dress for their own self pride. Wanting to look nice is not sexual  

When I see a man, or a woman dress fabulously – I love it – whether it be sporty, casual or semi-formal. Dressing should be to make you feel good about yourself and if that stirs up admiration or even jealousy then so be it.

If men think a woman is dressing to seduce them then they are very vein.  Feeling beautiful and sexy does not mean it is suggestive. Rather it is a fashion statement and one I admire.

Dress for yourself and love it.

Happy Celeritism


Stories in My Head C.18.02.15

Everyone has a creative side regardless of whether we admit it or not. Some people are better than others when it comes to storytelling.

I find my self making stories in my head when I go on my morning walks. It could be a girl at the centre of a story where a prince charming chases her in a very romantic gesture. Or it could be about being shipwrecked on a deserted island where an adventure takes place over time.

The good thing about imagination and imaginative stories is they have no boundaries. These are often called day dreaming and I think this is very healthy.

Creating stories in your head and daydreaming the impossible is sometimes better than sitting through a scripted movie. In your head you can be as devious or as nice as you like. You can even be the person you are not by simply imagining it.

Creating stories are fun, harmless and healthy so the next time you find yourself in a quiet or bored moment then allow your mind to take you on an adventure.

Happy Celeritism


Home Sweet Home C.18.02.14

It doesn’t matter if your home is messy or shiny clean – home is home. Home is where you can relax and be yourself. It is a place of solitude and freedom.

I enjoy the comforts of being at home. I like my old lounge, dated table and chairs and my general well-worn and well-loved home clothes.

Home is home and it is one place I can mess up and not worry and it is one place I can watch what ever I want on the television without criticisms.

Enjoy being at home as much as you enjoy going out.

Happy Celeritism


Mysticals C.18.02.13

There is no mystery or mysticals to life. Everything around us is the result of natural sciences. Many questions are yet to be answered and over time or the future – they will be answered.

Mysticism is the road taken when answers are allusive. I consider a mystery being that at the moment the answer is unobtainable. I do not consider a miracle a mystery but rather cause and effect.

Mysticism is a romantic idea but that is all that it is. We live in a real world with all the optical illusions, unanswered questions and undiscovered sciences and explanation.

Perhaps it is me, but I see the world as a reality not as mystical.

Happy Celeritism


The Bee Populations C.18.02.12

I had a wonderful experience yesterday and that was seeing bees. I haven’t seen bees in my garden for almost two years hence I have had no passion fruits for two years because they have not been pollinated.

The world has suffered a bee shortage and there have been many reasons for this dilemma. The most important thing is to encourage their return.

We need bees – it is as simple as that. They buzz around going from foliage to foliage pollinating the flowers which in turn produce our food supply.

Encourage not discourage bees. Do not be afraid of being stung because they only do so when they feel threatened – as any species would including you and I. Instead encourage the bee population by not trying to kill them because you have a fear of them.

We need bees so do your little bit by embracing their presence. My mother use to put out a saucer of water with sugar in it if ever she saw a bee appearing to die or struggle. I have no idea if it worked but she said it did. In her old age she encouraged bees to go about their busy lives and if my mother is a simple example then I am sure you can also contribute by letting them go about their business.

Happy Celeritism