Exercise C.17.09.26

Are you keeping yourself active? Simple exercise is a great starting point to keep you healthy.

Walking on a daily basis is great for keeping the body in tone. We often forget to focus on ourselves. We are often too caught up with work and family to remember to exercise.

Some people have the thinking that if they run around busy all day that that is equal to exercise. That is an interesting thought. But consider walking for a moment. Walking allows you to have the time to think and relax. I am not talking power walking but sensible walking. This can be very healthy.

Happy Celeritism


Generational Knowledge C.17.09.25

Each generation contributes to society in not only passing precious knowledge from parents to children but also in the community.

We can look back and consider what our parents and grandparents taught us and then look at today with all the technological and scientific marvel there is. There is more to acquire in the knowledge stacks today than our ancestors.

Take for example brushing your teeth. I bet for the older generation parents did little to detail the technique of brushing your teeth. Today the art is more concise and a greater effort to detail is being taken by modern parents.

Cleanliness is another habit which is gaining more attention in this generation. Our fore parents enjoyed sunny days of eating mud pies while today parents are over protecting of any little dirt on their kiddies fingers.

Each generation contributes to knowledge and because it is expanding science and technological understanding helping in these areas that we should never blame our parents for ‘not knowing’ during their time.

Happy Celeritism


Mobile Phones C.17.09.24

Phonology is a phenomenon. On my morning walk I couldn’t help but notice that everyone around me seemed to be on their mobile phones. Walkers were hooked up to earphones breathlessly chatting away as they walked.

I find it refreshing to leave my mobile phone alone while I take walks and only have it as an emergency.

It is frenzy. I wonder how the health of the average person will be in 10 years of so with so much exposure to technology. I love technology don’t get me wrong but I do think moderation would be good.

Enjoy the life around you and be aware of the amount of time you reach for your mobile phone.

Happy Celeritism


No End of World C.17.09.23

Here is something to cheer you up, today (so it was predicted) that the world will come to an end.

The theory which is supposed to happen today is alleged to be the collision of the planet Nibiru with earth. Nibiru is a planet that does not exist.

Claims have been made that NASA has confirmed this theory and that is also a hoax. All of this is someone’s idea of a joke.

So please, have a great day and don’t be bothered by these nutters claiming the world will come to an end today because none of it is true.

Have a great day,

Happy Celeritism


Man Proves Earth is Flat C.17.09.22

Well, I have never laughed so much. Conspiracy theorists’ took a spirit level on a plane to prove the earth was flat. What a lark.

He claims, and I might add, claims that the spirit level never shifted once during the entire trip. Either the pilot took the plane up straight like a helicopter or there was never any level adjustment by the plane. The spirit level must have been stuck in one position.

Some people must think the rest of the world are idiots because this particular experiment has so many flaws to it I wouldn’t know where to begin.

I wonder some times whether this man has done this ridiculous experiment just for the publicity. If so then he has achieved that for all the wrong reasons.

I think we can award this man the “Gone too far” award…

Happy Celeritism


Philippine President Orders C.17.09.21

I am not too sure how to react to the Philippine Presidents order. He has made it public that if his son is found to be a drug smuggler that he has ordered for him to be killed.

I know most people would think that that is fair because what is good for the people should be good for the president’s family. It is a chilling thought.

President Rodrigo Duterte eldest son has claimed his innocence and has declared the rumours are false. But even so it is a chilling prospect if he is innocent and there is a grudge bearing police officer who decides that he will kill anyway, then how is that justified.

As I said I am not sure how to react to that order by the Philippine president but even more so if his son is killed – will it be fully under the proof of guilt.

Life is precious and although I have a zero tolerance for drugs I also have an equally zero tolerance to violence.

Happy Celeritism


Community Cooperation C.17.09.20

There is a lack of cohesion in society and the need to blend. We live in a world where we have to share the space around us with thousands of other people.

Too often people do not like to share. Let me give you an example. A beautiful river walk where the public has a well maintained pathway for walkers, joggers and bike riders. But when it comes to sharing the pathway with the oncoming walkers some groups love to occupy the entire width making it grossly uncomfortable if you are one person walking toward them. In this case I follow the general rule which is often echoed in many signages. If you live in a country where the cars drive on the right side then apply that to shared walkways and equally in left hand road driving, walk to the left of the path. I have noticed signage of the same which is where it was first brought to my attention. It is a neat and easy idea. But some people simple do not consider other people and share.

Community cooperation is important so we can all coexist in society. Simple little awareness’s that we share this world with other people is great to teach our children.

Be aware of the people around you and consider their right to share in all community and societies offerings around you.

Happy Celeritism