Crazy Diets C.9.27

Weight is one of the many top of the list concerns. Some people go to lengths to spend a lot of money with all sorts of promises over diets. For other people weight is not an issue.

Body image has been promoted since marketing was initiated through media publicity. The importance of being trim is the goal of many people. But how important is skinny?

Some people go too far thinking super skinny is super cool but a body without a figure and curves is really just a pencil of bones.

Food should be consumed in a sensible and portioned fashion. If you eat large quantities then it is only expected those quantities will stay somewhere on your body.

Rather than going for radical diets try to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. Unless you have a medical issue weight can be managed by being sensible.

Put your money away for a great new wardrobe of clothes for when that time comes you have trimmed down with sensible habits.

Happy Celeritism


Mirror Image C.9.26

How do you see yourself? Sometimes it is better in life to go about our world spending as little time in front of a mirror as possible. Make the visit to the mirror in the morning to straighten the unstraighten and then move on.

I like to think I see the mirror image of myself in a different way and not as I am suppose to be.

What is your mirror image? Take a moment to think about that afterall we live with a certain vanity. Vanity is not to be taken in a negative context; no on the contrary it is vanity which makes everything pleasant to the eye.

The mirror image I see each morning is not important to how I face my day. I tend to forget what I looked like from the morning and be busy interacting with the people around me.

Mirror image is only important to our self and regardless of what any one says the image in our mirror is what marks us as we are – individual.

Happy Celeritism


Elegance C.9.25

In this world of fashion elegance is something of a change. Both men and women have curved the way they dress and elegance in both sexes has moved into a different effect.

I enjoy watching the elegance from old movies or new movies portraying the old times – The men with their hats and white shirts with stylish suits and women with their flowing dresses.

Elegance is in the beholder and this varies a great deal. We live in a mixture of fashion where a woman can be elegantly dressed with a man who tolerates shorts and singlet.

In the melting pot of fashion elegance stands out in the crowd and in a sense admired. Elegance is how a person carries themselves.

A touch of elegance now and then can make you feel great regardless if you are a man or a woman.

Have a day of elegance now and then and feel how good it makes you.

Happy Celeritism


Meditation C.9.24

Silence is very therapeutic and relaxing for the mind. This type of condition is called meditation, a moment of complete unwind and solitude.

Meditation in its simple form can be achieved in any environment. I enjoy an afternoon relax in a comfortable chair where I allow my mind to unwind after a busy day. This relaxation is a form of meditation and is wonderful for distressing and letting go of the fanaticals of the day.

Our lives can be very busy and sometimes sleep at night is not the only time we should recharge our body.

Take the time to sit for moment each day to allow yourself to empty your mind and let go of the menacing moments of the day. Sometimes clashes in the day can hold onto you and corrode away your mind like acid.

Meditation is a great way to reset your body clock to relax and to allow you to move onto something different. It allows you to let go of the anxiety and to recharge your mind.

Take a moment to relax each day and meditate – a quiet moment for yourself.

Happy Celeritism


Recharge Your Life C.9.23

Do you sometimes feel you are bogged down in a rut? I have been a lot lately and it is probably because I think too much about things and what can go wrong. Perhaps my life is not busy enough or maybe I need to recharge my life.

I thought about that last night before I slept and it wasn’t until morning I realized I lacked interest. Yes what an interesting evaluation but there it is.

It is easy when the weather is a bit poorly and you don’t feel your best and you find yourself dropping into the doldrums.

I often talk about getting out and doing things but I find it is me who is not doing it. So I have decided after I finish typing this I will be off for a walk, I figure I have to start from the bottom.

I need to focus on how I can recharge my life. A few things have come to mind, firstly call a few friends and catch up. Take up a hobby, although at the moment I can’t think of anything that interests me particularly since my energy level is very low at the moment.

Sometimes just going to a shopping centre gets the juices going but I think I need a bit more, not sure yet. I don’t want to spend money because I have some bills to pay, so maybe a long drive or perhaps challenge myself with something different.

I think everyone experiences a moment in their lives when they need a recharge and perhaps when the weather brightens up it will probably be good again.

Enjoy your day.

Happy Celeritism


Treats C.9.22

Cake is a treat I enjoy too often. I have phases where I enjoy my special bonus of treats. Ice cream particularly chocolate, caramel oh and strawberry, I couldn’t narrow that one down are just the best.

I think amongst all the dieting, careful watching of what you eat it is important to include treats.

It has become a mindset that eating treats is harmful or not so good for you but I think it gives you a certain joy. Life is short enough as it is and to not afford yourself some sort of treat is a shame.

If cake or something else is your thing then allow yourself a little concession now and then because the joy and pleasure it gives far exceeds any scare advice against the pleasures of life.

Make the most of every morsel of life and don’t take things too seriously because unless you suffer a genuine medical condition then treats will give you more pleasure than you can imagine.

Happy Celeritism


Vices C.9.21

A vice is considered an immoral or wicked behaviour. It is taken in the negative in the dictionary understanding. Additionally it is the evil of wrong, villainy and the centre of corruption. Vice is also considered a misconduct of offensive and evil behaviour.

In today’s thinking a vice can also be considered a repetitive habit and is bandied around as an expression in a jovial manner.

Smoking and drinking is considered a vice because it is an addictive behaviour. But what if a person has a vice which is repetitive and yet harmless. I overheard a conversation whereas the speaker talked of her vices and in particular her addiction referred to as a vice of detoxing. Because of her constant use of detoxing she referred to this as a vice.

I am continually fascinated how the English language is consistently evolving to take on new meanings to existing words. We have been doing this for many generations and mostly undetected.

Words are taking on different meanings from their origin. These words are generally slung with slang.

Think about the words you use and consider if they are within their original dictionary meanings. You will be surprised how often words have expanded their meanings.

How often do you hear how a person is stupid and said in a general way when that person did a one off thing? Stupid is a constant behaviour at a mentality level and yet it is flung around for everyday use.

Words are gaining momentum to mean more than their original meaning. And vice is a part of that category because if it was used in its correct context then the average person would not use it as their example.

Never mind the original use of words – I love the expansion and creative licence as our language expands and evolves.

Happy Celeritism