Life’s Cycle C.17.06.05

There is no getting away from it we move in a cycle. We are born, we live and we age til we die. That is it. After that unless we have made some huge impact on society we are forgotten.

Basically life is short. We have a small time frame to do and make the most of our life. We have the opportunity to make it big and we have the choice to do nothing spectacular.

Some people cruise along life’s thorny road and I wonder sometimes if that is a good choice. We can peddle a busy and stressful life only to find ourselves at the road’s end.

I cannot imagine how being elderly or infirmed would be like but if nothing takes our lives early we all end up old. It is a matter of time, we all get there eventually.

The Cycle of life is constant and unavoidable so make the most of your one and only chance.

Happy Celeritism


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