Margaret Court C.17.06.04

Margaret Court was once a famous and successful tennis champion in the 1960 – 1970 circa. Sadly Margaret found the invisible god.

It is disgraceful how Margaret has used the tools of religion to judge and victimize same sex couples.

Equality is not the decision of religion or a book which was written thousands of years ago.

Equality should be a birth right and it is not up to any organization to take this right away…

Everyone is entitled to happiness and it is not up to anyone to take that away.

Religion should be maintained as a personal thing and not spread to the rest of the population. Believe what you like but don’t use it as a tool to criticize or judge other people.

Same sex couples are entitled to live their lives openly and comfortably without some wizardry who thinks they are a good doer like Margaret Court blowing flames on happiness.

Be proud of who you are and don’t let other people judge or degrade your choice in partners.

Happy Celeritism


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