De –Clutter C.17.06.06

We can gather too much of everything over time sometimes even in a season. It is a great idea now and then to de-clutter. If you space the chore over several days you can pay more attention to the job.

De-Cluttering makes you feel great but don’t go throwing out clothes (in particular) which can stand the time of fashion. I have several things like jumpers and shirts which I have had for many years because regardless of how old they are they remain in fashion. And when it comes to putting on a bit of weight I have a habit of hanging onto things that would be for the ready for when I lose those extra kilos.

It is refreshing to go through the house and get rid of things no longer needed. Too often we fill our homes with unnecessary things because we don’t want to part with them. I have a lot of things which have no active role in the house but I enjoy having them and these are things I will not part with. I do, however, have learnt to let go of surplice stuff and this frees up a lot of space.

So take a few hours and sort out the clothes in your cupboard and give yourself some extra space for that next purchase.

Happy Celeritism


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