Treats C.9.22

Cake is a treat I enjoy too often. I have phases where I enjoy my special bonus of treats. Ice cream particularly chocolate, caramel oh and strawberry, I couldn’t narrow that one down are just the best.

I think amongst all the dieting, careful watching of what you eat it is important to include treats.

It has become a mindset that eating treats is harmful or not so good for you but I think it gives you a certain joy. Life is short enough as it is and to not afford yourself some sort of treat is a shame.

If cake or something else is your thing then allow yourself a little concession now and then because the joy and pleasure it gives far exceeds any scare advice against the pleasures of life.

Make the most of every morsel of life and don’t take things too seriously because unless you suffer a genuine medical condition then treats will give you more pleasure than you can imagine.

Happy Celeritism


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