Recharge Your Life C.9.23

Do you sometimes feel you are bogged down in a rut? I have been a lot lately and it is probably because I think too much about things and what can go wrong. Perhaps my life is not busy enough or maybe I need to recharge my life.

I thought about that last night before I slept and it wasn’t until morning I realized I lacked interest. Yes what an interesting evaluation but there it is.

It is easy when the weather is a bit poorly and you don’t feel your best and you find yourself dropping into the doldrums.

I often talk about getting out and doing things but I find it is me who is not doing it. So I have decided after I finish typing this I will be off for a walk, I figure I have to start from the bottom.

I need to focus on how I can recharge my life. A few things have come to mind, firstly call a few friends and catch up. Take up a hobby, although at the moment I can’t think of anything that interests me particularly since my energy level is very low at the moment.

Sometimes just going to a shopping centre gets the juices going but I think I need a bit more, not sure yet. I don’t want to spend money because I have some bills to pay, so maybe a long drive or perhaps challenge myself with something different.

I think everyone experiences a moment in their lives when they need a recharge and perhaps when the weather brightens up it will probably be good again.

Enjoy your day.

Happy Celeritism


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