Vices C.9.21

A vice is considered an immoral or wicked behaviour. It is taken in the negative in the dictionary understanding. Additionally it is the evil of wrong, villainy and the centre of corruption. Vice is also considered a misconduct of offensive and evil behaviour.

In today’s thinking a vice can also be considered a repetitive habit and is bandied around as an expression in a jovial manner.

Smoking and drinking is considered a vice because it is an addictive behaviour. But what if a person has a vice which is repetitive and yet harmless. I overheard a conversation whereas the speaker talked of her vices and in particular her addiction referred to as a vice of detoxing. Because of her constant use of detoxing she referred to this as a vice.

I am continually fascinated how the English language is consistently evolving to take on new meanings to existing words. We have been doing this for many generations and mostly undetected.

Words are taking on different meanings from their origin. These words are generally slung with slang.

Think about the words you use and consider if they are within their original dictionary meanings. You will be surprised how often words have expanded their meanings.

How often do you hear how a person is stupid and said in a general way when that person did a one off thing? Stupid is a constant behaviour at a mentality level and yet it is flung around for everyday use.

Words are gaining momentum to mean more than their original meaning. And vice is a part of that category because if it was used in its correct context then the average person would not use it as their example.

Never mind the original use of words – I love the expansion and creative licence as our language expands and evolves.

Happy Celeritism


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