Same Sex Marriage C.6.18

Everyone is entitled to happiness – period. No one has the right to deny another person’s happiness regardless of any religious affiliation.

It is sad so many people still think same sex couples are wrong. And sadder is those people who think same sex couples do not have the right to a life together.

It is time we step up our position of equality and accept everyone is entitled to happiness.

If you disagree to same sex couples then I have to ask why? No one is asking you to live with same sex couples just mind your own business and allow them to live their life.

The recent shooting in Colorado only highlights the continued religious negative attitude to same sex couples. It is time to stop this hatred.

Let us stand up and say no more. Everyone is entitled to equality and to be with whom they choose. As long as the couples do not involve underage persons as is with heterosexual couples.

Adults are adults to choose their partners as they please.

Let us unite for a better society within a world of acceptance, understanding and kindness.

Happy Celeritism


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