Paleo Diet C.6.19

The Paleo diet is supposedly the way of eating from the Palaeolithic period. This was the edge of time when the developing Homo sapiens as to which our evolution has sprung.

The promotion of this diet is claimed around the simplicity of the diet and therefore may have been responsible for how our brains developed.

It is an interesting concept if any of it was partially true.

Paleoanthropologists are still not fully versed as to the entire diet of this period. The most challenging part is that diet depended on which part of the world humans lived.

As our species spread out when they left Africa into various different lands food varied enormously. Depending on where they roam the environment differed. The plant and animal mixtures were native to the land our species lived.

Scientists do not have a perfect knowledge of the diet of that period and yet this fad advocates they do.

Fads come and go and between can be a bit of fun. I think if we realize they are a fad and not take it seriously then there is no harm – but to base your whole diet on this fad is not a great idea.

I have tried this food group and it is nothing special. Like chocolate cake I would try it now and then but certainly not base my whole diet on it.

Eat sensibly and with variety, it is better for you.

Happy Celeritism


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