Telemarketers C.6.17

Door to door sales persons and telemarketers can be very challenging. Once upon a time I use to be rather impatient and just hang up or close the door to sales people. I realize this is not very nice because they are just trying to do a job. I understand in some cases they work on commission from sales.

I have not lightened my view on telemarketers or door sales persons but have changed the way I address it.

Rudeness is simply not nice. So I have adopted a polite way of letting the sales/marketeer know I am not interested. You may be different and don’t mind this method of sales and if so, good for you.

But for those of you who find telemarketers and door sales people the least convenient let me share my system.

For Telemarketers, as soon I realise that they are, I politely interrupt and say, “Excuse me, but thank you I won’t be interested, you have a good night”. Immediately I hang up to avoid further conversations. I learnt that in the early stages when I was too polite and the voice on the other end of the phone became persistent that I had to hang up quickly.

As for the door to door sales people including JW preachers, I politely smile and say “You have a great day; I won’t be interested in anything you have to offer”. Again I close the door quickly but never rudely.

To those people who have this as an occupation, sorry, but like most people when we want a service or to purchase something we like to do it in our own time and no reflection on you. I know you have a job to do but we also like to consider our homes our sanctuary and our private place.

Happy Celeritism


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