Beliefs C.5.23

Is it important to believe? I’m not too sure about that. Belief is a personal thing. Some people have the huge necessity to believe in something even if it has no solid foundation.

I think we can survive just beautifully by believing in oneself. We have the capacity to solve and recognize problems and goodwill. Oneself is the key to existence and oneself is the key to life.

We often feel lonely if we think we are on our own and yet whether we believe in a system we are still on our own.

Trust in who you are, enjoy the life you are living. Be honest with yourself and live your life with good intentions.

Treat people nicely and only accept nice treatment in return.

Security is often needed in belief but since belief is only an emotion without substance you are really only trusting in yourself.

Feel secure for who you are and be strong for what you are. As long as you recognize you are part of a community where love and caring is the centre then you don’t need any extra security.

Belief is an emotion. It is you who is really steering your life, so stand up and be proud for the choices you make and realise you are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

Happy Celeritism


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