What Next C.5.24

A neighbour asked me to drive her to the aged care home where her husband lived because he had a fall.

There I watched frailling individuals living out the last moments of their lives. It made me stop and think about what is next. Although for me it seems a lifetime away it actually made me stop and give thought.

These elderly people in their 80’s and 90 have merely existed in a bed state. I walked past one room where an elderly woman slept and I noticed graced around her were beautiful flowers, toys, gifts and memories. These gifts were inscribed with “love you Mum”. I stood for a moment probably longer than I should until I realised there was a small elderly women sitting on the opposite side “Mum I am here”. It was every piece of power in me to stop weeping for this woman and her mother.

Today as I recall that experience I realised life is very precious and too short for stupidity.

There is only one life, this life. There is no after life or whatever else propaganda spreads.

Today, I decided is the first day of the rest of my life and I am going to make the most of it.

Happy Celeritism


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