Confidentiality C.5.22

The world is full of secrets from individuals through to nations and governments. But when should confidentiality be employed?

As individuals we are entitled to our own personal confidentiality because as individuals we are entitled to such privacy.

But when it comes to nations and governments aren’t we entitled to know what negotiations are going on which ultimately affect us as individuals and as a society.

I am one for open communication and the transparent approach to information. We as a society and nation should be very much be well informed.

There is the excuse of secrets for national security but is this just a blanket to allow activities to occur which otherwise would be shun by the people.

It is time that the governments we allow to oversee our society be transparent to all their activities. If there are secrets then are these activities of moral standing?

It is an old excuse to say the people could not cope with truths; on the contrary we are a very educated and understanding generation and are more than capable of knowing the workings of our government.

The many reasoning’s for conspiracy theories is because of lack of exposure of truths.

It is time the governments open the doors to information and show their hand because if not then their activities must be questionable.

Happy Celeritism


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