Remote Indian Tribe C.18.11.23

During November 16, 2018 a lone Christian attempted to convert a tribe of people unspoiled by modernism on an Indian Island and he lost. He was bow and arrowed and his body buried on the beach.

The family say they forgive the tribes people which I think is ridiculous. Because it is the family who should be apologising for the actions of a man who thought he had a god on his side to change people.

The tribal people on the Indian island called North Sentinel Islanders have been unspoilt for thousands of years. Any contact with the world around them could be disastrous because they have no immunity to our illnesses, like the flu.

This lone Christian crusader is nothing short of an idiot. And in his pursuit for spreading the Christian word got what he deserved for interfering with an ancient culture which still survives today.

The family should be apologising to these people not the other way around. Modern civilization and the crazy mythological beliefs some people hold should be kept in this crazy world and not spread to people who really want nothing to do with us.

Western civilization has a history of destroying cultures in the name of gods for thousands of years. It is bad enough to live in such an environment let alone watch as innocent islanders are being exposed to it.

I do not condone murder or death, but I agree that those island people had to protect themselves from unknown, uninvited Christian predators who could have brought diseases and unwelcomed propaganda to an unspoilt people.

Happy Celeritism


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