Normality C.18.11.19

What is normal? We define this by extremes but in the end, we nominate what is normal and that is not necessarily a good idea.

When it comes to people, the label normal irritates me. Because in my eyes everyone is normal and instead of this label I prefer “different” as an identification.

When it comes to wealthy people doing what is called normal things irritates me even more. It is as though opening a door for themselves or cleaning up is considered beyond their scope.

Everyone is normal in their different ways and whether a person has money or carries a title, be it earned or inherited, they should still be normal like the rest of us.

As most of you know I have no time for inherited titled people because it is just that inherited self-titled. I do however have time for titled people who have independently earned their distinction, like doctors, professors, teachers and mechanics and so on.

Let’s turn the table and those people who do, do things for themselves like cook clean and open doors and do not expect being put on a pedestal as the real scope of humanity. And those people who expect to be bowed at and everything done for them as freaks of nature. Because give it some thought, it is not natural for one person to wait or bow on another – I call them low life’s because they think they are better than the rest of us.

You and I are the exceptional and those who have earned their level of respect by their work (not those who have had it all handed to them) are the wheels and mechanisms which make society our home.

Happy Celeritism


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