Addictions C.18.11.20

Addictions can be fatal. That is the drug kind. It is an innate part of our being that once we find ourselves pleasured by something we tend to go back for more.

I have never been addicted to drugs or been a drug user, but I watched as a teenager was completely out of character under its influence. I watched in amazement because he behaved as if he had power and strength, under a wobbly posture.

Addictions can kill. And it is making the effort to not allow it to get to the point of no return.

When it comes to softer drugs for medical needs, I see the importance. And even stretching for simple recreational pleasure. But it is the dependant hard drugs which cause major alterations.

So, if you see a family member or a friend heading down the path of self-destruction make the effort to do or inform or something to help.

Say no to Drug Addiction it is a waste of life.

Happy Celeritism


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