Black is Black, and White is White C.18.09.26

I am getting sick and tired of when a person is described as black or African or such they are accused of being racists.

This is stupid, saying a person is black or African is a description not a racists remark. I think if a person is described as Caucasian then that is not racists it is descriptive.

So, honey if you are black that is your colour, if you are white that is your colour. If you are of Asian appearance than that describes you… Streuth.

Please people who yell out racism get off your high horse because do you know what – even black people are tired of it.

Everyone is equal as people and what makes us different is our colour and race and that makes us a wonderful worldly mixture and I love that.

Racism remarks are going overboard, so let’s stop it and understand the difference between a description or identity and an ill remark.

Happy Celeritism


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