Driving Responsibly C.18.09.25

With the invent of the mobile phone, driving has become a multitasking event. Unfortunately, it is also costing lives.

It floored me to read how some people eat breakfast while driving, I mean from a bowl and using an iPad or even worse dressing and putting on makeup while managing the steering wheel.

This was brought vividly to my attention when I noticed the driver in the car in front of me on the highway seemed to have something going over her head. I realised she was putting on a top while driving. Extraordinary because then I noticed her head going up to the roof of the car and realised something else was happening.

All I could think of was a slight mishap and she would have veered into the oncoming traffic. At 100kms I backed off to around 70kms because I figured if she made a boo boo (a very scientific word) I wanted enough time and space to avoid a collision. By the next turn off, I turned off and made time to be well behind this inconsiderate driver.

Perhaps multitasking while driving is becoming fine tuned but I think if you ask someone who has become a victim of such inconsiderate behaviour they would have a lot to say.

A word of advice, dress before you drive and while you are at it, eat, iPad and phone when you are parked. It is a simple message which could save many lives.

Happy Celeritism


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