Dieting C.18.01.04

Many of us attempt new years resolutions and one of the most popular is dieting.

Our bodies react in different ways. A simple and basic beginner for dieting is cutting down on excessive foods and exercise.

If you are one who doesn’t really enjoy the restrictions of dieting or find yourself going to extremes and then may I suggest a subtle method.

Start with lowering your excessive intake of food. For breakfast have a small and healthy start, be if fruits, cereal or even toast with your favourite morning drink be it coffee, tea or a shake. This start in itself is not strictly dieting but then again, we are not wanting to shock our bodies.

Do not snack in between meals. Come lunch time have something simple like a sandwich or light meal preferably not something heavy or oily. Come dinner keep it simple, like some meat and vegies or salad. Again, steer away from the oily foods.

All that is happening here is cutting down your intake without starving yourself or going to extreme dieting.

I have been doing this now for four months and even though my weight loss is gradual it is also maintaining. I have only lost 4 kilos, but it is a stable loss. Previously I would lose great amounts only to bounce back heavier.

The small weight loss is gradual but steady and now I am feeling way more comfortable. I do not snack in between meals and I feel full on small serves of meals and most importantly I am still eating stuff I like.

Additionally, I take a small walk every morning and when I say small it is only a couple of blocks, but it has helped enormously.

Of course, this is not medical advice, but it is something I have tried and wanted to share.

Happy Celeritism


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