Caravans on the Road C.18.01.05

This time of the year brings about holiday makers and in doing so come the caravans.

I think travelling with your accommodation is a great holiday idea. It makes it easy for packing and it becomes a very flexible way to travel.

On the road caravans have presented a few risks mostly because caravans are being pulled by vehicles not capable of such a task or by inexperienced drivers.

There are a few tips to consider when towing a caravan. First of all, ensure your vehicle is capable of towing a fully loaded caravan. Fully loaded because at the base weight this does not cover the contents when you start putting your holiday stuff inside the van.

Secondly, ensure you have the required knowledge to tow a caravan. It is not like driving a car because it is an added structure behind the vehicle. Research what is needing to know about towing and if there is no place to take a course then do a few practice runs in a location where no one would be in danger. Thirdly, when packing the inside of your caravan remember to distribute the weight evenly so the caravan doesn’t begin to swerve when you are driving because there is excessive weight on one side.

Be sensible, a caravan accident could cost you your life and the life of everyone inside your car, so do your homework and have a safe holiday.

Happy Celeritism


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