English Throne C.17.09.19

It is rather old the idea of a throne and everyone bowing to a family but royalty still thrives around the world.

I think it is overdue that all that royal glitter comes to an end. It is crazy that one family in some countries rule. I know that governments operate the countries of royalty but the royal family still holds power.

The history of royalty is that it was established over occupying and taking lands – In other words the winners of battle. Their status remains regardless of any great deeds.

It is high time royalty stepped away from being worshipped and take on the daily role of normalcy and allow elected governments and the people rule.

I do hope as a beginning that when the time comes for Charles in England comes to rule that the whole royalty thing comes to an end.

Equality, Freedom and Individuality is the future.

Happy Celeritism


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