End Time Hoax C.17.09.18

I am continually amused by the numerous end time prophecies marketed by the religious world. The only doomsday that we are likely to experience is if America and North Korea decide to have a nuclear hum dinger. And if they do well there you go folks a fresh doomsday tale.

It makes me wonder why these people, all over the world, keep persisting in the end of time tales. It is ridiculous to say the least. If it is not some religious secret lifted from the bible, which I might add has been done so many times by so many preachers, then it is the conspiracy theorists running riot with their meteorite collision with earth.

Yes there is no doubt we are in all sorts of dangers but I doubt we need to wait in anxiety over theories.

Live each day with excitement and look forward to the future with explorative eyes and see the world and your life with a future full of adventure.

Happy Celeritism


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