Drugs – No Deal C.17.05.11

I witnessed a young 19 – 20 year old wasted on drugs. He was hanging out near the shopping centre totally zombied.

I smiled at this young man as I walked past and he in his state of oblivion managed a crooked smile back. I felt saddened to watch as this young person sat wasting his life.

I have no idea of his situation but when I mentioned it to a friend they were a little familiar with the circumstances of the lack of his family life. Rumour has it his parents split and didn’t want him from an early age.

This is a hard story to swallow but I understand it is a very common story amongst many young people today.

Drugs are not the answer and I don’t know how they can be steered to a better life when the very people they should depend upon don’t want them.

Say no to drugs and encourage those around you to seek help should they find themselves in this type of despair.

After this event I chatted with a woman in her 20’s and she described how her life was almost ruined because of drugs.

It is the people who supply and sell drugs which need to be addressed so as to allow those who need real emotional help can gain it without the hindrance of drugs.

Say No to Drugs.

Happy Celeritism


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