France’s First Lady C.17.05.12

First of all congratulation goes to French President Emmanuel Macron. It is always a watchful situation when countries around the world take on a new leadership. America has had its fill of new adventure of leadership and one which continues to capture the world.

In this I would like to give a warm welcome to the new French First Lady Brigitte Trogneux.

I think it is wonderful for a beautiful woman to stand by her successful husband and not care what the world thinks. She has navigated her life from being much older, 25 years older than her man to a woman of her own fashion. I love individual thinkers.

We live in a society where everyone is expected to perform a certain way and when some people step out differently it is refreshing.

When it comes to love, age does not matter. When it comes to position style doesn’t matter. It is a combination the New French First Lady has brought to the forefront. And I think it is fabulous.

I don’t care for those people who talk behind their hands and I think it is wonderful that the French people agree with me because of their vote.

Welcome to the world arena Mrs Brigitte Macron, First French Lady and thank you for bringing your own style.

Happy Celeritism


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