Baby Names C.17.05.05

Names always fascinate me. It seems there is a competition to name your child with the most individual or outrageous name.

A trend hitting the naming circuit is using surnames or some refer to them as family names. Can you imagine the confusion of a first name being from the known family surname pool?

It is rather an intrigue for first names to be Apple, Sauce, Flower or some other colourful name but add to the list a surname like Smith and a family surname like Jones and the kid end up with Smith Jones.

It is all well and good to jump in on a trend but it is also a good idea to think of the impact of a kid growing up with not only an unusual first name but being lumped with a family surname as a first name.

Sometimes we need to step outside our original selves and take a glimpse into a potential life of a child landed with a doozy of a name.

Happy Celeritism


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