North Korea C.17.05.04

It is no secret that North Korea suffers with oppression. The people are dominated in everything they do and their overall health condition is poorly.

It is difficult to comprehend the life under dictatorship and oppression and it has been the cause of unnecessary deaths and attempted escapes in desperation.

From the outside there is nothing that can be done. We can only watch in horror as fellow human beings are being treated like pawns in the life of their leader.

As the world progresses forward, North Korea progresses backwards and I think if the opportunity for the people of this strained country to be given relief then I think the rest of the world should notice.

I hope that if there is a strike by the U.S because of defences that the understanding of International Human Rights is granted to the innocent people who had no choice of being born in a world of restraint.

Happy Celeritism


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