Cyclone Devastation C.17.03.29

Nature is relentless and it is during a time like cyclones we come to realize this reality. I have been watching footage of Cyclone Debbie and she is packing a huge punch. Thousands of people have been displaced and homes have been battered.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people dance with disasters from the reporters risking their own lives to silly individuals who dare to folly in the storm. Common sense it seems escape some people but none the less it must be noted that should these silly people escape the wrath of the cyclone then good for them but don’t cry if it goes against you.

Cyclones on any level are dangerous so be sensible if you are in one of those areas right now be sensible and be in a safe place or have the good sense to evacuate.

Material things can be replaced, people are not replaceable.

Happy Celeritism


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