No Belief at Birth C.17.03.30

There is no getting away from it we are born without a religion. Religion is an outside influence invented by humanity. We are born free of any preconceived ideas or ideals.

The society and the parents we are born into begin to shape our thinking. We grow up in an environment which can lead us to religious doctrine or it can leave us open to develop our own standards and direction.

Religion and the idea of a godly or higher power is a product of human invention. The reasons for this can be many but my guess was our ancestor’s lack of scientific knowledge gave them notion to create a figure who oversaw life itself.

It is a romantic notion, the idea and concept of belief and I am sure for some people it is of great benefit. It is a shame because we are a strong species always learning and advancing and the need for mythological ideas is really a thing of the past.

We are born neutral so it is a shame we could not remain this way and gain the greater knowledge of science and understanding in a real rather than a mythical realm.

Happy Celeritism


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