Filth and Cleanliness C.17.02.20

Today there is little concern about cleanliness in the home and self. In most respects, there are extremes. Many people are overly clean that they are killing off any immunity from bacteria’s.

The other extreme is filth. There are some very lazy people who simply do not care about their own hygiene or their environment.

A balance is needed. We need to consider not being pathetically clean or massively dirty.

Daily self-cleans and routine home tidy ups will keep the balance in both the home and personal.

At home – wash dishes each time you use them. Tidy your bedroom and keep clothes organised between clean and laundry. Give the floors at least a weekly once over. Dust the immediate living areas. At least maintain a basic routine. The extreme of obsessively cleaning is equally as damaging leaving no space for daily ruffage.

In the personal arena; A shower daily, cleaning teeth at least once if not after each meal and wearing clean clothes will make you feel fresh. Clothes can be worn more than once because not everyone is doing heavy duty work.

Be sensible and weigh up between filth and cleanliness and create a balance.

Happy Celeritism


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