Embryonic Stem Cell Research C.17.02.19

It is important for the betterment of humanity for areas of research to flourish without the hindrance of religious groups.

Our world can be a much better place for the health and wellbeing of individuals who are in need of medical assistance.

It will be a wonderful day when there is no longer illnesses cutting short the life of people who deserve a quality of life. It is too easy to be complacent and not recognize the tremendous advancement medical science can contribute to society.

We are entitled to live in a healthy world and those people unfortunate to be suffering the defects of correctable genetic misfortunes be given the possibility of a happy life.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research is an area which contributes toward improving the human condition and should be supported without contradiction.

Let progress within medical research and particularly Embryonic Stem Cell Research flourish.

Happy Celeritism


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