Designer War C.17.01.27

It is ridiculous to say the least that certain people have entertained the idea of boycotting Ralph Lauren and Karl Lagerfeld for dressing the first lady Melania Trump.

Fashion is not politics and whether these infantile protesters like it or not businesses need to operate without annoying insults for dressing a person someone dislikes.

I do not care much for these labels but I do care about stupid boycotts. Many people are against the Trump administration but does that mean every supplier of the Trumps should be blacklisted.

Let us get totally ridiculous. What brand of milk do they drink? Oh lets ban that. Oh and what vegetables do they eat? Well while we are at it, let’s ban that too.

Fashion is fashion. The movie industry is the movie industry. So why on earth are people being stupid. What are more important are the changes or differences to the country that should be noticed or challenged – not fashion or actresses or actors.

I don’t care for what people eat, wear or social activities but I am interested in laws of change and affect.

I think it is important to get the priorities right and worry about what is important rather than who is making the clothes for the first lady.

Happy Celeritism


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