Horoscopes – Truth or Fiction C.17.01.28

I am always amused by Horoscopes mostly because they can vary considerably. This morning I opened 6 different newspapers and read my horoscope. I kept reading until I found one I liked.

My horoscope for today went from – being the worse to being amazed on how wonderful the day would be. Of course I chose the cheery one over the negative piece.

It is rather a joke when all it takes to believe the horoscope is to filter through different editions of daily newspapers to find the one you like.

Horoscopes along with all the other alternative and mythological scams would have to be one of the most damaging. I have known people to emotionally invest themselves into horoscope readings and for what result – to be taken in by the opinion of someone being paid to tell stories.

These horoscope stories printed in newspapers can lift or destroy emotions. So my advice is to read the horoscope with an entertaining mind and know the whole thing is crap.

Happy Celeritism


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