What If C.8.19

What if or wish I had… syndrome is a common regret. Too often we live our life in the thought of what if I had done things differently. We should never live in the past for in the past we made choices which suited us at the time. Even if we toyed with a variety of ideas and still made what we considered later a wrong choice, nevertheless it was a choice of the moment.

We should not live by what if or I wish I had done this or that but rather accept that we are human and are prone to decide upon things that later we fail to accept. Regret is an ugly place to be and rather than dwelling in the past allow yourself to let go of the not so happy decisions and move on.

I could probably fill a book with all my regrets but at the end of the day I wonder if I had my time over again if I would not make the same choices again.

Let us be content with our choices and know that what we decide today regardless of how learned we are and cautious – we can still fall down the same rabbit hole of regret.

So let’s not think about yesterday it is done and gone but rather focus on today and our future.

Happy Celeritism


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