Afterlife C.8.20

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you think there is an afterlife? The interesting point within these two questions is that there are thousands of people promoting themselves as experts in this field.

No one has ever died and returned to confirm such a hypotheses as life after death. I mean no one including any well promoted religious figures including Jesus of the first century.

Too many people are misleading by uneducated or unproven thinking. You may think my words are harsh but no my words are logical.

I once experience a long time ago what is now called out of body experience and it took me numerous years to realise or rather learn that for me to have such an experience I was not dead in the first place but rather my brain was in a state of predeath because if I had truly been dead then I would have not returned.

The true measure of death has been misdiagnosed on many occasions giving seemingly unusual events which with all appearances seem death.

Death has been accepted when the heart stops but even in those circumstances the brain is still active so therefore when is the point of death.

Once rigor mortis has set in no one has returned to life. Many people have been in the state of death but has this been misdiagnosed because once the body breaks down completely from rigor mortis then that is a final state.

Sadly death is death and instead of trying to bring back a life which is gone instead treasure the memory of the life once lived.

Happy Celeritism


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