One Go At Life C.4.24

You read right. We only have one chance at life. Put aside the notion of an afterlife or reincarnation that’s all hog wash. This is your one and only chance.

From the time of the Ancient Egyptian Mythology the notion or should I say desperation to live on has filtered down through time. It has become a religion a belief and a superstition. The idea of living many lives is only a false hope.

As much as we would like to think we have lived previous lives or we will go to an afterlife and reborn again – all of that is just the fear of dying and admitting we only have one life.

Many people make a mess of their lives and others waste it away.

When you take your final sleep and never wake again that will be it. That will be it forever. So don’t be foolish with your life or tamper with someone else’s life.

Live today like it is your last and be happy and know this is your time and only time at life.

Happy Celeritism


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