Conspiracy Theories C.4.23

I love a good conspiracy theory it gets the juices flowing in the brain. I lot of what goes on in this world is hog wash and a good debate is healthy for the mind.

It is part of our human nature to be suspicious. It is healthy to doubt and not be led blindly to events. I have to admit some conspiracy theories are way over the top but are as entertaining as sitting down to a good creative movie.

I am not suggesting all conspiracy theories are totally crap there is probably some spark of truth locked into the depths of the story that has triggered the whole thing. But too often the theories get caught up in the imagination of the person telling of it.

I think everything of interest should be checked because lets face it a lot of truths running around are as much crap as the conspiracy theories out there to debunk them.

Events are interpretive and nothing is ever what it seems but just be wary of the stuff that is over the top.

Happy Celeritism


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