Remembering the War C.18.11.12

I spent hours yesterday reading articles regarding the first world war which ended 100 years ago.

I found myself glued to old pictures and wondered – why. Those young men barely out of school marched off to be killed. Brothers, two sometimes three were lost at a time from a single family. The devastation was enormous.

I have always been against war and killings. I hold life precious. So, looking and reading through the letters and articles from a hundred years ago left me emotionally wrecked.

I sat back and thought about the leaders around the world who laugh at the idea of war and use this tool to threaten nations. War is not a laughing matter. It damages and destroys lives.

Stand for no more wars. Introduce adult discussions to communicate. War is horrid and devastating not only for the soldiers but for the families who struggle to go on with life from the result of war.

Say, no to any future war.

Happy Celeritism


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