The Perils of Gambling C.18.02.28

It is no secret – gambling ruins lives. Gambling encourages people to offload their unavailable money in the hopes of winning more.

I hear of people who hit really big jackpots on the poker machines and they celebrate with a new enthusiasm for gambling. Except most of those people probably deposited twice the amount they eventually won back.

Gambling has split families and caused unnecessary stress. Gambling and particularly the poker machines can be likened to a disease. It is a disease which is catchy. I tried it once while on a night out and found myself instantly addicted because I pulled a few microscopic small winnings. But it is the lure of the small winnings which begs you on to spending more money. It is not only alluring it is downright addictive.

My simple word of advice – stay away from any type of gambling and particularly the poker machines. Silly television shows are much better even if there is no cash prize.

Life is too short to be stupid.

Happy Celeritism


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