Australia Day C.18.01.26

Happy Australia Day to all Australians.

This is a dilemma because some Australians don’t want to celebrate today while the others are out there in full bloom with banners and flags.

I think the whole issue is a little bit silly. I don’t think it matters who is who or from where or when. Australians should live for now and today and celebrate the beautiful land they live.

Australia Day is a celebration of the people who live in this wonderful country. The politics of who was first or second to land in this country should not be an issue to be debated.

Australians today are the ones who were born here or for those who chose to call this place home. What happened with the ancestors of all peoples should be left in the past. This is 2018 and the generation today should be celebrating together regardless of their heritage and background.

Yes, there is no doubt mistakes were made in the past by people of the past. The people of today cannot be held for the actions of their ancestors. All peoples regardless of their arrival to this land should be able to celebrate the country they call home.

To all Australians, (and those of you bitter) put aside your squabble and have a great Australian Day.

Happy Celeritism


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