Sexy People C.17.12.09

It is not about pretty people but sexy people. Beauty is in everyone. Sexy people are the ones who use their looks and personality to gain from other people. It is all around us, sexy people who gain because of their appeal.

This particular profile is in both men and women and they are the people who use their charm, their sexiness to gain from other people.

I would much rather be around beautiful people who in their natural being are more genuine and down to earth.

I suppose what I am saying is that I have noticed of late how sexy people get away with and gain financially by using their sexism. It is only after men have realised they have been convinced to part with their money they wake up. But this is not exclusive to female sexism, men play the same game too.

Be wary of confidence tricksters who use their sexism for gain.

Happy Celeritism  


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