Gifts versus Money C.7.13

The idea, I thought, of giving gifts was as a token gesture – A gift having some amount of thought in it.

Today a gift is expected in all celebratory situations. But the thought of giving the gift is often absent.

Money has replaced the gift idea and made it easy to give. I find it challenging to give money even if it is preferred. It is almost like saying your gift will not be appreciated but money will be.

It has taken me some time to exchange the gift for money in the case of weddings and I try to put it down to giving the couple a chance to get a head start in their home together. Except in many cases the couple are already living together and have already set up their home. It came to my attention that the money was expected so they could waste rather than use it for practical purposes. Even now I am struggling to go for the money especially when it is publicly announced how much or how small each person’s contribution is.

Giving money as a gift is a private affair and with the trend of announcing how little or how stingy someone is by their small contribution is making the whole money giving unattractive.

I have come back full circle and buy a gift and usually something where the price is untraceable. In my thoughts a gift is a token and not a cash cow situation. As for baby showers I give diapers/nappies, something new mums always need and as for cash well I don’t want to be listed and remembered by a monetary contribution.

Happy Celeritism


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