Controlling Personalities C.6.28

Are you on the receiving end of a person who insists on controlling every situation? It is a difficult place to be – being controlled. The personality who likes to control are so overpowering that it is difficult to escape.

Or are you of a controlling nature?

I use to be opinionated many years ago and I am not sure if that also meant I was controlling, it probably was. I learnt a lot from those years and one most important lesson was I was not always right but because my opinion was so strong no one was game to challenge me.

I have learnt a lot from those opinionated years the biggest being when I stop and listen it is very educational, interesting and most importantly more accepting.

Strong opinions or for that matter controlling situations does not mean you have it correct it means you are a bully forcing your ideas onto someone else.

For those of you on the receiving end, my advice – listen if it is sound advice then go with the ideas but if not thank the person and do what you intended to do in the first place.

The whole being polite and walking away is what I think my friends use to do. And I am lucky I didn’t lose most of them.

Always be prepared to listen to different ideas and remember you don’t ever have the licence to control another person.

Happy Celeritism


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