Be Kind

ImageEvery day do something kind. It is easy to overlook how we come across to people. You may ask, what can I do? It is simple. Open a door for someone. Smile and say hi to someone who looks sad. Let someone who has a few items while you have a trolley full of food go before you in a supermarket. There are many things you can do to be kind.

We live in a world which operates in the fast lane. Sometimes we forget to stop and breathe and notice the world around us. Kindness is a simple act and yet the person who receives it can be greatly impacted. When someone does something kind to me, a stranger, it makes me feel so special. This feeling is good and makes me want to share it. Don’t over do it, you don’t want to be dramatic. Make it subtle because this is what comes across more powerfully. A simple smile can make another person feel good. When I first started doing walks I felt a stranger in my own area. And yet people I did not know would say hello and smile as they walked past me. Wow, something so simple and I felt a sense of happiness from it. I didn’t realize something so simple could have such a big impact. So now I say hello and smile and I realize the giving feels as good as the receiving.

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling fantastic and anxious to face the day, to only have someone grunt at you in a shop. Your whole feeling plummets from happy to unhappy. The impact is enormous. Same in a car, you are happy driving along and minding your own business when another motorist does something like, bips at you for going too slow or something. It ruins your day.

So don’t ruin someone else’s day because you are grouchy. Remember your actions do affect other people. If you give a snub response, then you affect another person. I had a lady say to me rudely in a supermarket to move my trolley. I was deciding what brand of canned peaches I would buy and hadn’t seen her come up behind me. I obliged immediately but then she commented again like, ‘Your’re not the only person shopping in this isle’. That ruined my day. I felt anxious, embarrassed and totally uncomfortable. The whole thing was unnecessary.

It is easy to be nice. Ask someone in a nice way, with a smile if you can. Because remember your actions do affect other people. And additionally take the time to do something kind every day.

Happy Celeritism