Live within Means C.18.12.27

No one owes you. You must work on your life and live within your means. I have a friend who says her life is hard – all the time. She has a great job but not enough to finance her extravagant life – hence she is always broke and complaining.

Regardless of the size of your wealth or non-wealth – it is up to you to navigate your life within your boundaries.

It is simple – live within your means. Be sensible about the way you shop and consider your bank balance before you go overboard.

Remember no one owes you – you are responsible for the limitations of your life.

Happy Celeritism


Boxing Day Sales C.18.12.26

So, are you in for it – sales that is? It amazes me how so many people still camp out over night to be the first for the bargains today.

I have found though, that these sales do spread out to the New Year when with a little less crowd makes it more pleasurable. I am not good with crowds.

So, if you are in for it – then have a great day bargain hunting. For me I will cool out having a relaxing day.

Happy Celeritism


Day of Celebrations C.18.12.25

Today is a time of getting together and enjoying friends and family in the festive mood.

But, today is not always happy for everyone.

So, however you enjoy the gift giving festive day, be it on your own or with company – take a moment to consider – it is great to be alive.

Happy Celeritism


The Real Christmas C.18.12.24

Here is a spin for you on the Eve of Christmas. The real Christmas is not about Christ – that is just the religious take of this time of the year.

Long before the religions made claim on this time of the year – this was the celebration of the harvest – the solace.

But, so as to grab the attention of the religious folk the Christians deemed this was the day Jesus was born.

Now here is a twist for you – No one knows when Jesus was born, let alone what year – that is of course if he ever existed.

So, when you hear of people shouting the real meaning of Christmas remind them – yes, the real meaning is thanks for the harvest which was measured by the solace. And depending on where you lived in the world it was either the winter or summer solace.

Happy Celeritism


Religious Cults and Healings C.18.12.23

I cringe every time I read about a religious cult and their methods of healing. I wonder how people get so caught up in these cults.

I can understand when a person is desperate and vulnerable that accepting and often paying enormous amounts of money happens.

It is difficult to remain cautious because emotions can run high when faced with desperation.

So, if you find a family member or friend about to tumble down the rabbit hole of a religious cult – do your best to pull them back. Because only bad can happen.

Religious cults are not restricted to the one off – we have seen with the wide range of publicity that the local church and religious school can be on that list.

Heed caution.

Happy Celeritism


Every Day Guilt C.18.12.22

Now is the time of year to feel guilty when over eating or over enjoying or pretty much anything over the top.

Guilt is something we have been conditioned to recognize as forbidden when in actual fact it is a conditioning rather than real.

There is a huge difference in everyday guilt and real crime guilt – the two really cannot be compared. One is real, and one is a conditioned emotion.

Everyday guilt is mostly about over indulging but there must come a time when we realize that we are entitled to over indulge.

So, over this festive season stash away that everyday guilt and indulge in holiday treats.

Happy Celeritism


Vulnerable and Emotional C.18.12.21

This is a condition which grips so many people – vulnerability and emotionality.

This time of the year brings about memories and not always happy ones. It is also the time of year where the ill and infirmed feel exposed to additional emotions.

Being vulnerable is difficult and experiencing emotional turmoil can be challenging.

Take time to slow down and search for happiness. Being vulnerable and emotional is something to manage – seek help if you feel it is beyond you.

Happy Celeritism