Religions Should Pay Taxes C.18.10.08

This is a very strong view I hold. The religions should pay taxes. It is an absolute joke. While the religious continue to become obnoxiously wealthy the poor and desperate become needier.

It is high time the governments change their system. If the religions pay tax, then think about how much money could be put into education and hospitals. And that is for starters.

Yes, I think it is time the church is subject to local taxes because if it is good enough for everyone else then it is good enough for the church.

Happy Celeritism


Religions and Money C.18.10.07

Why don’t the wealthy religions pay for the poor and desperate? The various churches around the world are the wealthiest mostly because they do not pay taxes.

I will not donate to a church or religious group because they have way more money than I will ever have.

The church continues to beg for money and yet if they were to donate their wealth then there would be no hungry or poor people in the world.

Perhaps they should read their own bible which states the rich will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Even though I know there is no heaven and I think they know this too otherwise why have they accumulated so much wealth?

Between the pope and the queen their wealth is greater than you and I could ever imagine. And yet people continue to give to the church and the government continue to finance the queen.

Talk about massive imbalance.

Happy Celeritism


Awkwardness C.18.10.06

Do you have those days? I mean when no matter what you wear or how you look you feel awkward?

This is something happening to me too often. I watch on television how some people wear and look in simplicity and look fabulous. I try every effort I can, and I look clumsy.

Feeling good about yourself regardless of whether you are a male or female is half the journey to looking and feeling good.

I then realised that it is only me who feels the awkwardness and although I am feeling off the beat other people are not seeing it that way.

Awkwardness I have come to realise is an emotion. So, now I have to master another emotion along with the long list I already have.

Everyday step out the best way you can and dust off the awkwardness and allow freedom to flow.

Happy Celeritism


Water Life C.18.10.05

In the warmer parts of the world, water activity is on the increase. Being at the beach or even in a swimming pool can be very refreshing.

In other parts of the world it is a tailer in on winter, so the opposite is happening. Even so for those of us in the warmer climates, now is the time for sun fun.

Water is refreshing and regardless of whether you stroll to the beach or into a pool, it is a mood changing experience.

Enjoy your life, you only have one.

Happy Celeritism


Choices in Life C.18.10.04

We make choices. That is a fact. I don’t consider we make mistakes because when we do something it suits at that moment.

Everyday we make choices and as easy as it is in hindsight to say we should have done things differently, it is not so easy at the time.

Never regret the choices you made. First of all, you cannot roll back and change the past. Instead, consider the choices you made suited you for that moment.

Never live with regret but instead live with the choices you felt suited you at those past times.

Happy Celeritism


Disappointments C.18.10.03

We all live with them – disappointments. Life can never go the way we want, and this is something that will always happen.

People disappoint people. The biggest disappointment often comes from family letting you down. But how do you handle this? You don’t.

I have found when I become disappointed with an outcome I will turn my focus elsewhere. I do that to save my own emotional being.

We must remember, we must protect and look after ourselves first and foremost.

So, when disappointment strikes don’t make it damage who you are but rather turn your thoughts into another direction and don’t allow hurt to burn you like acid.

Happy Celeritism


The MeToo Movement C.18.10.02

The MeToo Movement has gained momentum in the twelve months it has opened an understanding to abuses.

Sexual abuse is not limited to the clergy or movie industry but rather it is everywhere around us.

It doesn’t matter that this is something that has been going on for a long time. What does matter is – it is being brought to light. Changes need to happen, and no female should feel unsafe in this modern society.

Women coming together to bring out the generations of abuse is never too late.

I think this is a wonderful mark toward progress and cleaning up the dirty abusive backward.

Happy Celeritism