Treating People C.18.08.09

Do you treat people nicely? But more importantly do you treat people in a way that you would like to be treated?

We tend to forget sometimes how we pumble out our words and sometimes we forget how that affects another persons’ feelings.

Treating another person on neutral ground and with amicability is acceptable. I know, of course, there are people out there who are nasty to the core or consciously inflict verbal tyrants, excepting with those people who need not be given a kind response, but, the other general people – is nice to treat with neutral response.

Think about it, treating people nicely can be a simple exercise and with practice we can make our world more enjoyable.

Happy Celeritism


The Silk Road D.18.08.08

From the ancient times of the Greeks and Romans, there had always been a series of trading routes that linked China with Europe.

These were known as the Silk Road because the primary luxury good that travelled over these trading routes was silk from China. In those times it was only the Chinese who knew how to make silk. Silk was enormously prized as a luxury good.

The nature of the Silk Road, even though it was a trading network that existed for thousands of years, people didn’t start on the Silk Road in Beijing and then walk all the way to Constantinople, or to Venice. They would go from Beijing to maybe two or three or 20 days travel down the road, then would sell their things there to someone there. The person there would then take them and move them a little further west, and so on.

And so very few people travelled from one end to the other, even though the connection was a fairly stable one over time.

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Money Dependence C.18.08.07

We can budget, and we can be sensible, but the bottom line is we cannot live without it. We need money to live.

Living is not cheap and although with a bit of sensible workings we can live within our means.

Happiness is a state of mind and provided we have got our act together we can make life good.

We depend on money and that is that. It is world where it costs to be born and it costs to die and in between it is very expensive.

Whoever send happiness doesn’t cost money was probably wealthy because we need a bit of cash to make us happy.

Balance is the answer and not too much focus on what we don’t have. I balance all the time but then I sit back and think, well I make it work and from that I am happy.

Money dependence is a fact of life, but it is how you deal with it which makes you happy.

Happy Celeritism


Indonesian Earthquake D.18.08.06

Disaster has struck again and this time in Indonesia. The last I saw there are 82 who have died.

The media is a great tool for being informative and I think with something like a massive earthquake it is a wake-up call as to how vulnerable we are to nature.

It happens and there is no way of avoiding a natural disaster than to endure and make the effort to recover.

To those people in Indonesia, we are thinking of you.

Happy Celeritism


Instant Hate and Instant Like C.18.08.05

This one puzzles me. I came out of the supermarket yesterday, minding my own business, when a woman brushed past me muttering – thanks ass…..

I have absolutely no idea what her problem was or why she splattered cruel words at me.

I looked up and she gave me a crazy eyed look. I have no idea what triggered this episode.

After speaking with some friends, it seems, I am not the first to experience random rants. It seems this world is producing people who hate at an instant.

I cannot comprehend this, and it puzzles me why I became a victim of someone’s disapproval without even knowing why.

I retraced my movements in my head and from collecting my shopping, going out through the check out and exiting the supermarket nothing remarkable happened.

I think it comes down to some people instantly hate, I suppose the same way some people instantly like. There is simply no explanation.

Happy Celeritism


How You Spend C.18.08.04

It is all about how you live your lifestyle. No one needs to be poor. It is all about how you spend your money.

Many people waste their money and then cry – I am poor, or I have no money – as they admire the very expensive item they just purchased or drinking down excessive or expensive food and drinks.

If you are smart you can budget and live within your means. I have a lot of people around me who constantly moan about how they have no money. I have one friend – a woman – who constantly declares she cannot live on what she earns and yet can afford to have her nails and hair done constantly and is always in new clothes – let alone eating out all the time.

I live sensibly and within my means. I don’t spend if I cannot afford something and always watch what I buy with regard to food. I consider myself average and I know of people who earn way more and yet cannot manage their money.

I know there are a lot of excuses but to me they are lame. If you are on a fixed income, then live within your means. And when things are good then treat yourself to a night out or fashion shop. In the meantime, live sensibly.

You are – how you spend.

Happy Celeritism


The Royals Beatrice and Eugenie Being Normal! C.18.08.03

Coming up in the Vogue Magazine is an article regarding the sisters Beatrice and Eugenie, the granddaughters of Elizabeth 11.

I am fascinated how they want to live normal lives and yet by all accounts they flaunt the very fact they belong to royalty.

It is a hard life they say because they are criticized for taking excessive holidays and well – live the high life.

The person from that Family who I consider normal would be their cousin Zara. Zara is equally the granddaughter of Elizabeth 11 and because she is born to a princess and not a prince – the title of princess was not handed to her. I do understand Elizabeth did offer it to her daughter who refused it wanting Zara to live a normal life and normal it truly is.

Zara is my favourite because she belongs to the royal family and yet being normal – she is it. Zara appears well grounded and not show offy.

As for Beatrice and Eugenie that is very different they pose for their position and their body language spells – we are better than you.

No Beatrice and Eugenie if you are truly genuine about being one of the rest of us – then drop all your crap. Other than that, we don’t want to hear about your sad privilege life.

Even Eugenie will milk it on her wedding day with the carriage ride in the street. The rest of us do it NORMAL.

Expect the flack while ever you pretend, behave like spoilt brats. Oh, and by the way I do not consider any person belonging to royalty to be better than us everyday people. They are just wealthy people with attitude. And I would never and I mean never bow to another human being or acknowledge a hereditary title.

Again, Rant over – I am doing a lot of that lately…

Happy Celeritism