The Real Christmas C.18.12.24

Here is a spin for you on the Eve of Christmas. The real Christmas is not about Christ – that is just the religious take of this time of the year.

Long before the religions made claim on this time of the year – this was the celebration of the harvest – the solace.

But, so as to grab the attention of the religious folk the Christians deemed this was the day Jesus was born.

Now here is a twist for you – No one knows when Jesus was born, let alone what year – that is of course if he ever existed.

So, when you hear of people shouting the real meaning of Christmas remind them – yes, the real meaning is thanks for the harvest which was measured by the solace. And depending on where you lived in the world it was either the winter or summer solace.

Happy Celeritism


Religious Cults and Healings C.18.12.23

I cringe every time I read about a religious cult and their methods of healing. I wonder how people get so caught up in these cults.

I can understand when a person is desperate and vulnerable that accepting and often paying enormous amounts of money happens.

It is difficult to remain cautious because emotions can run high when faced with desperation.

So, if you find a family member or friend about to tumble down the rabbit hole of a religious cult – do your best to pull them back. Because only bad can happen.

Religious cults are not restricted to the one off – we have seen with the wide range of publicity that the local church and religious school can be on that list.

Heed caution.

Happy Celeritism


Every Day Guilt C.18.12.22

Now is the time of year to feel guilty when over eating or over enjoying or pretty much anything over the top.

Guilt is something we have been conditioned to recognize as forbidden when in actual fact it is a conditioning rather than real.

There is a huge difference in everyday guilt and real crime guilt – the two really cannot be compared. One is real, and one is a conditioned emotion.

Everyday guilt is mostly about over indulging but there must come a time when we realize that we are entitled to over indulge.

So, over this festive season stash away that everyday guilt and indulge in holiday treats.

Happy Celeritism


Vulnerable and Emotional C.18.12.21

This is a condition which grips so many people – vulnerability and emotionality.

This time of the year brings about memories and not always happy ones. It is also the time of year where the ill and infirmed feel exposed to additional emotions.

Being vulnerable is difficult and experiencing emotional turmoil can be challenging.

Take time to slow down and search for happiness. Being vulnerable and emotional is something to manage – seek help if you feel it is beyond you.

Happy Celeritism


Extreme Heat and Rain C.18.12.20

Australia is experiencing extreme heat and torrential rains. It is a mixing combination, but it is as the weather pattern it is.

Keeping cool is a challenge and avoiding the rains is a strenuous task. So, as the world experiences the changes in weather, it is time to commence climatizing to cope with the change.

Change is happening so rather than complaining we need to adjust. Regardless of the excuses or debate we need to make a change.

Our species will survive if we start now to make adjustments.

Happy Celeritism


Crazy Moods C.18.12.19

We all have moments of crazy. This is because no one is perfect. We tend to judge people as to how they behave and yet we forget sometimes we can behave unpleasantly.

It is easy to criticise someone who appears a little crazy, but have you not stopped to realise everyone experiences crazy moments. We simply don’t like to admit it.

So, when you have those crazy moments and in the hopes of not being judged, be crazy in private.

I hope you are gearing up for a festive season.

Happy Celeritism


The Royal Feuds C.18.12.18

It never ceases to amaze me how the internet is a buzz yet again with the royals and their feuds.

Between Meghan and her dad and sister there is also Meghan and Kate.

Truly I think these people have raised themselves above everyone else and to be honest their royal arrogance is over the top and not deserved.

The world has many wealthy people and those wealthy people do not expect to be bowed at or address with a self -styled title.  And in case you haven’t got it yet, I would never bow or acknowledge a self-given title. And why do the government continue to use taxpayer’s money to lavish these people who already have more money than the taxpayers themselves.

Everyone is equal, wealthy or not. Okay rant over.

Happy Celeritism


Gifting C.18.12.17

This is the time of the year when many people go crazy purchasing gifts. But how practical is it to go overboard on spending? For those people on a budget it only sends you into debt.

I think it is a great idea to exchange simple small gifts of a certain maximum value. Depending on the family financial level, it could be a gift of no more than $20 or $30.

Keep it simple this festive season. There is no reason to purchase unwanted expensive gifts or going overboard on spending.

It has taken me several years to bring myself to this conclusion but now I see this time of the year with simplicity. And the bonus – it doesn’t leave me with a mountain of debt.

Happy Celeritism


Overthinking C.18.12.16

Don’t think too much. That is the advice I have for you today. Sometimes things happen in life and when we feel disturbed, we tend to let the incident go over and over in our minds. So much so, we can tend to over think things.

I know this is a point which is very difficult to overcome but if you can then let things go.

Overthinking can be dangerous to your health. In a less serious tone, it is true overthinking does sabotage you and take control of you.

So, as I said, my advice to you today is don’t overthink.

Happy Celeritism


Neighbouring Complaints C.18.12.15

I think it is atrocious when neighbours have nothing better to do than complain about other people in the street.

When it comes to truly disturbing activity that is a genuine complaint then there is a polite way to approach the situation.

First, engage in an adult conversation with the fault driven person. You may come back and say some people are not approachable. And that is true because people who get complained on all the time build up a resistance and being nice does not come easy.

A lot can be accomplished when neighbours communicate in an adult way and come to some midway point of agreement.

Being stubborn or being arrogant will not correct an issue but being amicable and open to suggestions will always win a way.

And remember, during certain times of the year like birthdays, anniversaries, and the festive season – expect there will be partying. But it is up to the partying people to respect a reasonable finish time.

In this time of the year, getting on with neighbours is a great idea.

Happy Celeritism