Loner or Community C.18.12.12

Are you a loner or a person who is out there in the community? We all need lone time now and then, but all the time can be too much.

If you are a person who is shy and really not an out there on the social scene community person – then perhaps it is a good idea to join a sport or hobby. I find going to the shopping centre, beach or local swimming pool a great way to mix and socialize even if I speak to no one. It is the atmosphere of community.

Remember, you don’t have to be sociable all the time. Everyone needs loner time to reset the mind.

Happy Celeritism


Flowers and Weeds C.18.12.11

Some of the most beautiful flowers have come from weeds. It continues to amaze me how we have categorized such beautiful and colourful flowers as pests.

I love wild flowers and the ones that grow out of confined spaces. I can understand some species are labelled obnoxious weeds, but only because they don’t fall into a certain parameter.

I am no gardener, but I have to tell you my garden is overflowing with colour and that colour is from the most beautiful weeds imagined.

Happy Celeritism


Fashion C.18.12.10

Time and fashion rotate and refresh. The fashion of yesterday can become fashion of today and the fashion of today can be set aside for fashion interest of tomorrow.

I was looking through a fashion article showing the changes in fashion over the years and a lot of the looks are complimented by the hair styles rather than the clothes.

Women’s make-up and hair dos played a great part in fashion while the clothes worn can easily be worn today.

When it comes to fashion, there is trend but then there is the person who wears the fashion.

Retro fashion or vintage is very popular because matched with the overall look today blends well.

Fashion is what makes you feel good about yourself. And rather it is new and different styles which attract. I enjoy creative ideas and mixes and sometimes those styles stand out because they are different rather than fashionable.

Fashion is what you make it is – so be individual, be yourself and create your own fashion.

Happy Celeritism


Disasters and Normality C.18.12.09

It is hard to come back from the brink of disasters and resume normality. But it is the task after a major change in life to pursue balance.

Things happen in life and too often it takes a great deal of effort to return to everyday life.

We must be reminded that although life spins us some doozies sometimes, we have to make every effort to stabilize our life again. We must move on amidst difficult moments.

Everyone at some time in their lives are unsettled by disasters or unavoidable events. It is how you make the effort to recover is what is important. We can never expect for life to be perfect because that is not what existence is all about.

Strive for balance and you will be surprised how normality will follow.

Happy Celeritism


Overspending Time C.18.12.08

It is bad enough to keep the budget in check through the year but heading toward the festive season – it becomes a struggle.

I have started a new system, which I might add I start every year and fail to keep, but this year I intend to do so, and that is shop sensibly.

I have decided that overspending is ridiculous because it puts me under unnecessary stress for the New Year.

Be sensible about shopping and spend within reason. I have been picking up items on sale during the year for gifts to put under the decorative tree for the festive season and in doing so have saved myself a lot of money.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been trying to discipline myself to do this for several years and finally this year I have mastered it. This means that I will not overspend and in fact I have done really well.

My next task is to not overspend on food. I do this by eating first before I shop. I always buy more food on an empty stomach and much, I must say much less when my stomach is full.

Be sensible, don’t overspend this holiday season and even if it takes you a couple of years to get it right, it is worth it.

Happy Celeritism


We are all Connected C.18.12.07

In a sense we are all connected. We are connected through nationality, country, occupation and family.

We depend on the function of society so as to operate. We are depended upon other people in industries which fuel our daily existence.

Therefore, regardless of how you see yourself in the world, you are connected by circumstances which make your life liveable.

Happy Celeritism


Bride Tantrums C.18.12.06

Perhaps I have low tolerance, but I walk away from bridal tantrums. It seems for some brides the world must stop for them and they expect everyone to wait on them or else.

There are brides who expect they should be lavished and at the same time expect everyone else to pay for it.

I think if you can’t afford a wedding, then wed within your budget. Yes, it is your day, but it is not the life of everyone else to have to suffer and feel uncomfortable.

A wedding is a private occasion between two people. And the up and coming bridezilla is to me a joke.

I find it amusing the dictates a bride can have and I have to say, I would rather not attend a wedding with such restrictions or major price tags.

I consider a wedding a time to witness a special occasion and not for the special occasion to demand ridiculous restrictions and rules.

So, for the bridezilla’s out there may I suggest you elope. It would be a relief to everyone who would have to endure your tantrums.

And for the happy and considerate bride you will always be on top of the list.

Happy Celeritism