No Fat Shaming C.18.12.29

It has to stop – fat shaming. People seem to think they have the right to criticize and humiliate other people because of their body sizes.

It is one thing to have to lose weight for medical reasons but quite another when people make you feel ashamed.

Some of the most beautiful people I know are comfortably sized and for me who they are is more important than how they look.

A man once said to me that a woman is noticed, first up, by their size and looks. And secondly by their personality. This is sad.

I think it is high time we take the pressure off women and men for that matter regarding their size and more on the person.

Let us end 2018 with a pledge to let go of fat shaming and begin 2019 with an open and positive acceptance of the human body.

Happy Celeritism


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