Bride Tantrums C.18.12.06

Perhaps I have low tolerance, but I walk away from bridal tantrums. It seems for some brides the world must stop for them and they expect everyone to wait on them or else.

There are brides who expect they should be lavished and at the same time expect everyone else to pay for it.

I think if you can’t afford a wedding, then wed within your budget. Yes, it is your day, but it is not the life of everyone else to have to suffer and feel uncomfortable.

A wedding is a private occasion between two people. And the up and coming bridezilla is to me a joke.

I find it amusing the dictates a bride can have and I have to say, I would rather not attend a wedding with such restrictions or major price tags.

I consider a wedding a time to witness a special occasion and not for the special occasion to demand ridiculous restrictions and rules.

So, for the bridezilla’s out there may I suggest you elope. It would be a relief to everyone who would have to endure your tantrums.

And for the happy and considerate bride you will always be on top of the list.

Happy Celeritism


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